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If you haven't noticed *coughs* I have mentioned these beauties in quite a lot of my posts. From hauls to favourites..they are very deservedly getting the constant shout out. Seeing as I consider these to be my absolute ride-or-die eyeshadow product I thought it would be a good idea to share my lil collection. As you can see from the photos I AM BASIC. The Maybelline Tattoo range does offer a variety of colours (such as blue..purple..) but I never bother buying things I know i'll never use, so that's why I stick with basics.
As you can see..my original bad to the bronze/on and on bronze has majorly hit pan.
SO CHEAP. $11.95. Usually I pick them up when they're on sale at the local drug store but even at $11.95 they are a bargain.

Creamy but once applied to lid it sets

A LONG TIME. Have worn one of these on an all nighter and it didn't even crease. The packaging doesn't lie, they really would be 24hrs. Due to the amazing longevity it is my go-to product.

Best way to apply...
I like to apply it with my finger and then buff out the edges with a blending brush. So quick and easy for rushed mornings.

If you had to buy one...
Bad to the bronze/on and on bronze. (Sorry for the two names but it is called something different in the UK and Australia). This shade is my absolute love. I either have it quite sheer or I build it up a little more. As you can tell by my photo..I use it a lot. I use it pretty much everyday and it still has so much left!

Rating: 5/5. 
Honestly how could I give it anything else? I can't fault this product. I haven't tried the MAC paint pots but I have no reason to as these have worked so well for me.

Does everyone else agree with my 5/5 rating? Do you adore them too?

Holly xx

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  1. The shade on and on bronze looks gorgeous and you obviously seem to love it to! I've heard a lto about these and I really want to give them a go!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I live for these! I wear creamy beige on a daily basis <3