The Best Advice 'How To Be Parisian' Gave Me


'How to be Parisian', a book written by four Parisian woman, lets you in on the secrets of how to become like them. And that's what I want. Ever since I visited Paris in 2013 I have wanted to know more and more of what it is to be Parisian. As they fluttered past me in the streets looking ever so cool yet incredibly chic, I just wanted to know: what is their secret?! This book came into my hands almost a year ago and ever since then I have used it as a reference time and time again. After reading it for like the 500th time I thought "I NEED TO SHARE THIS TO WORLD. WAIT, I HAVE A BLOG!". So here I am giving you the best advice I got from this brilliant book!
On style...
It's all about the simple chic. No shirts with big logos on them, no ugg boots, no blingy jeans, no fake designer bags, no sweatpants. Caroline De Maigret (one of the authors) states in an interview that it's very Parisian to have a basic outfit with one, and one only, statement piece. The book also states "if a Parisian could just wear a Burberry trench and nothing under she would be in heaven".
It's important to invest in a signature item (one you wear all the time or when you need to feel powerful), a plain white shirt, a small silk scarf, good quality jeans, a long trench, and oversized sunglasses. Voila, now you look the part.
On Make-Up/Beauty..
Similar to their views on style, make-up/beauty should look effortless always (even if you put a lot of effort in - they shouldn't know that). Hair should be kept natural coloured, air-dryed, and never too sleek. When it comes to make-up the skin should look natural, so freckles can peak through in the summertime (so say goodbye to full coverage foundations and contouring). Frenchwomen apparently avoid foundation but rather stick with lighter things such as a good moisturizer, concealer, or even a BB cream. Once your skin is looking fresh add quite a lot of coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. For a night out add a bright red lipstick.
One thing I like most about Parisians is that they seem to embrace their flaws ~ in the book it states that cherishing imperfections are "signs of a certain strength of character and allow her to feel beautiful without being perfect". Now I don't know about you but that's extremely uplifting seeing as the 21st century is getting even better at masking flaws with the likes of extreme contouring, overlined lips, knife sharp eyebrows etc. I  much prefer the Parisian route.

How To Act At A Party...
When invited to a party be the last to arrive and leave a party when it is pumping. It's okay to leave on your own. Never get too drunk. Avoid questions about asking what someone does for a living or how much money they make. Look aloof and distant, as if you have somewhere better to be.

How To Be Sexy...
Less is more. Showing too much cleavage or wearing skintight dresses should be avoided as they leave little to the imagination. Instead give small doses inadvertently - such as a wide necked t-shirt that slides down the shoulder, a bra peaking through in-between the buttons on a blouse, a skirt that rides up slightly when sitting down etc. Basically it is much sexier to not be obvious but rather show little hints that will spark interest. The book says" showing too much cleavage is like serving dessert before anyone has even touched their appetizer". PREACH IT.

My Favourite Quote From The Book...
"Always be fuckable: when standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning, buying champagne in the middle of the night or even picking the kids up from school. You never know."

I think I could go on and on about all the amazing advice this book has given me but I want you guys to read it for yourself. This is the type of book that will be on my nightstand for years. I feel chic'er just by reading it.

Holly xx
(the ever-so-chic authors)

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  1. I've seen this book displayed in Urban Outfitters and Wh Smiths, and it looks absolutely gorgeous but I was never sure if it was something I would actually read or use. I really enjoyed reading this post about all the things you've learnt from the book though, so maybe I'll give it a bash when my next paycheck comes in haha!

  2. I must purchase this book! Ever since I visited Paris I've found a new obsession for it. Parisian women are so effortlessly beautiful I'm so jealous!

    S x