Brand Focus: My NARS Collection


NARS is that brand I had never heard about until about two years ago. I had assumed that all the make-up brands out there were the ones being sold in my local department store (Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome etc). wrong I was! I started hearing the words "Nars" "Urban Decay" "Too Faced" "Hourglass" mentioned time and time again on youtube/blog posts that I realized I was missing out on another world of make-up! Now two years later I feel like I am in the loop, owning quite a few products from each brand. Today I am focusing on my  NARS collection.

1. 'Radiant Creamy Concealer' in Vanilla
This is a concealer which has been very hyped up in the blogger world - but I do think that it's justified. It glides on easily, is full coverage, and doesn't crease harshly throughout the day. My under eyes can get really dry so this is perfect for providing a coverage that doesn't look dull. I wouldn't say this a holy grail product (yet) but I would recommend it if you have the budget for a high end concealer. I have loved it enough to mention it in my August favourites post.

2. 'Sheer Glow' Foundation in Mont Blanc
I bought this sucker a year ago and it's finally coming to the end, y'know the stage when you are whacking the bottle on your hand to try and get out every little ounce? Yes, that stage :(. I would consider this to be my favourite foundation ever. I go into detail of its greatness in this review but basically I just like it because it gives a natural dewy finish without looking cakey or going weird. I will be re-purchasing this for myself verrry soon.

3. 'Copacabana' Liquid Illuminator
After watching a favourite blogger (Hannah Maggs) use this in an everyday make-up tutorial I was like "GOTTA HAVE THAT". What I liked about this product was that you can use it as a highlighter but you can also mix it into foundation to give it a glowy effect. It's verrry pigmented and is also the perfect shade for fair skin as it's  described as a "glistening pearl" colour. I have used this product loads and yet still have so much left. It's one of those "a little goes a long, long way" so I would say that its great value for money.
4. 'Copacabana' Illuminating Stick 
Even though I love the liquid illuminator sometimes it takes a little bit to tap into the skin, which can be kinda annoying if you're in a rush. So when Nars recently brought out their illumating sticks it was the perfect solution. This shade is supposed to be the same but it is slightly darker (I don't mind though). This is a great fix for those days when you're late to work and are doing the quick-job at applying make-up.
5. Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in 'Never Say Never' & 'Roman Holiday'
I am so blooming impressed with these lip pencils. They are SO quick and easy to apply and have incredible staying power. I only have two shades so far but will definitely be adding to the collection over time as I just think they are fabulous.

So that is my NARS collection (so far). I am looking to purchase the Laguna bronzer at some point soon. I just love how sleek all the products look. 

Let me know what NARS products you have and what you think of them as a brand!

Holly x

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  1. I love Nars so much, the concealer was one of my favourites too! I also love their blushes especially Orgasm it's the prettiest shade!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  2. Can you believe I don't have anything from Nars in my collection? You've inspired me try so products! Great review! :)

  3. Which one actually looks the best on out of the copacobana liquid highlighter and stick highlighter?
    Aleeha xXx