The Drugstore Makeup Kit For Beginners


When I was in grade 10 getting into makeup I knew nothing compared to what I know now. All I knew about was foundation, concealer, mascara and lip gloss. Oh and the odd occasion of wearing eye shadow when my sister would use me as a practice doll for her makeup skills. I learnt most of what I knew from my sister and my mum, who used predominantly high end brands. When I did start buying my own cosmetics I bought a bunch of crap products because I didn't know any better! My foundation always looked cakey and orange, my concealer would be superrr drying, my eyelashes were clumpy from my cheap mascara, and my lip gloss was always so sticky that my hair would get caught in it ( cute ha).

So I thought I would write a post for those new to make-up who are wondering what should be in your kit. This is a post I wish I could have used when I was 14!! In my opinion: when you're first starting out I would recommend just getting the basics of foundation, concealer, mascara and a lip product. I have added in a bunch of other products though in case you fancy diving into different things such as highlighting or wearing liquid liner. You can get so many great products at the drugstore which is why I recommend starting out with these products and then perhaps branching out to high end products later on.

Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection. This foundation is a buildable light-medium coverage which looks natural and is perfect for everyday wear. Price: $18.95.
Concealer: Collections 'Lasting Perfection'. This has been a holy grail item for over two years now as it provides a great coverage and lasts allll day. Another alternative is the Maybelline 'Fit me' which is very similar and retails for $14.95.
Bronzer: I haven't liked any of my drugstore bronzers but I have borrowed my friends L'oreal ones and they are great! Will be buying them soon. So in this case I would recommend trying them as well. They retail for $29.95.
Highlighter: Make Up Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighting Power in 'Pink Shimmer'. This highlighter is exceptional quality for being so affordable, I purchased this for 4 pounds ($8 aud). You can buy it online here in Australia for only $11. It gives such a beautiful sheen to the cheeks but you can also build it up to make it intense. It's one of my favourites. 
Blush: Bourjois blush in 'Rose De Jaspe'. I reeeeally like the Boisjour blushes, they are such a great shade range. This shade is great for every day wear and I also like how it comes with a little brush which is handy for those who don't own many brushes. It retails for $20. 

Eyeshadow: I have two picks. Firstly the Maybelline colour tattoos are amazing, particularly the shades "creamy beige" and "on and on bronze". They apply so easy, are very pigmented, and blend like a dream. They retail for $12.95 each. Secondly, Make Up Academy does great affordable palettes for only $14. The palette in the photo above is the 'Heaven and Earth' palette which has shades for both day and night wear. 
Eyeliner: NYX Wonder Pencil is a nude eyeliner which I use to cancel out any redness and make my eyes look bigger. This is a great staple in your makeup bag as everyone needs a nude eyeliner to make yourself look more awake. Retails for $8.95.
Liquid eyeliner: Soap & Glory's 'Supercat' eyeliner is a definite favourite of mine. Out of all my liquid eyeliners this is my holy grail, it's just sooo easy to apply. Costs $18.
Mascara: Maybelline "the falsies". I have owned this product for years and it has never let me down. Gives great volume without going clumpy. $19.95. 
Brows: Loreal Brow Artist Plumper. I like this for everyday wear when I want to set my brows in place. Retails for $18.95.

Classic nude lipstick: "Daringly nude" by Maybelline. For me it's the perfect nude shade and one of those "throw in your handbag, apply quickly in the car when you're about to rush into work"  kinda products. It's a matte finish but is creamy which means your lips don't get dried out - score! $17.95
Red lipstick: "107" by Rimmel. I wouldn't say that this is a classic red but it would be my favourite shade out of my drugstore lipsticks. I'd describe it as a berry-red which is perfect for autumn/winter or Christmas. It's one of those shades which has been popular in the blogging world for a number of years so you may have heard of it already. It's a matte finish and again isn't drying. $12.95
Liquid lipstick: I added the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade "Stockholm" in here as there is such a craze for liquid lipsticks at the moment. If you're just getting into liquid lipsticks I would recommend trying these ones first. I've bought a few of these and love it for day to day wear. $12.95
Lip gloss: NYX butter glosses are the best glosses I have used ever. EVER. They aren't overly sticky, pack a punch in the pigment department, and last longer than most glosses i've used in the past. This shade is angel food cake. They are a bargain at $9.95.
Lipliners: I can't go past Essence lipliners, I just can't. They are SO cheap being $2 and are so worth it. The shade "in the nude" is my most used and repurchased. 

Foundation brush: Real Techniques "expert face brush" is the bomb diggity. It's my favourite way of applying foundation as it does it so smoothly and blends everything in with such ease. It's getting a little out of shape so will definitely have to get a new one soon. $22.99
Beauty blender/sponge: It's not pictured here as my 'cheeky' little dog bit multiple chunks out of it, BUT I will still mention it because I think this is another great way of applying foundation. Real techniques miracle complexion sponge is the best i've tried. You just dampen the sponge and then pat the foundation in and it gives a really nice airbrushed finish. It took awhile to get used to it but I really like it now. $16.99
Concealer brush: Elfs 'flawless concealer brush' is a dream. I used to pat in my concealer with my fingers but this is a) quicker b) easier and c) gives a nicer finish. Is super cheap at $8 from Kmart. 
Eye makeup brushes: Elf, just Elf. These are such excellent products considering how cheap they are! I bought these on a whim because they were so affordable and they have now become the brushes I use alllll the time because of how good they are. They just show you don't HAVE to use high end brands to get quality. These three are: defining eye brush, essential eyeshadow brush, and blending brush. They are only $3 each - what a bargain!

So that's essentially most of my drugstore products I would recommend if you're just getting into makeup. Of course you don't have to go out and buy ALL of these (cause yeah, it IS quite a lot) but you can pick and choose the things you most want to try. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, or if you are someone who has been wearing makeup for years perhaps share some of your 'must have' drugstore items. 

Top tip: when buying drugstore I ALWAYS wait around for a sale before buying something as there are always sales going on in different stores (either the drugstores, supermarkets, chemists etc). By doing this I have probably saved $100's. It's funny because I can buy a $70 high end foundation and I don't bat an eyelash but when it's paying the full price of $20 for a drugstore foundation i'm like "um no way I can get this for cheaper cause there is always a sale somewhere" haha. 

Holly xx

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  1. Think these make-up bits are essential! Plus read some of your posts and really like your blog! Also I haven't yet bought a NYX lipgloss/stick are they worth a purchase? Lucy x

    1. I think they are! I'm really not a lipgloss girl but I actually like this one as it's not sticky. They're only $12.95 which I think is a total steal :)

  2. That Makeup bag is Super cute! I am so glad I found your blog on Bloglovin!!

  3. The famous '107'... can't go wrong with that one!
    Aleeha xXx