The Problem Of Being Obsessed With Travel


I adore travelling, which you may have gathered from my many posts regarding travel. I guess I just get this euphoric feeling of seeing new places, immersing myself in cultures, and being away from reality. The past four years I have been to Europe three times, Japan, and various cities around Australia. As soon as one trip ends I mentally start planning where i'll go next.

The issue is that I don't feel fully content being still. I get so down on myself when I feel like i'm stuck in routines and doing the same thing. Even though I love my job, family, friends..I can't shake the feeling of wishing I was somewhere else. It's completely unrealistic though. You can't just travel your whole life away (unless you're a travel truly blessed people) and at some point you need to stay put and anchor yourself to a place. This can feel quite depressing though and leave you feeling stuck in a glass box looking out at all the places you're missing out on.

When i'm travelling I feel free. You can be whoever you want to be without prior expectations. You can be spontaneous and catch the train to a nearby village. You can walk the cobblestones of an old English town and smell the coldness and fireplace smoke in the air. You can go tan topless in the South of France cause you won't get tan lines and no one will know you (i'm guilty as charged on this one). You aren't tied to anything and can simply be.

Right now i'm at a point in my life where I need change. I don't know whether this is me actually needing it or just romanticizing the idea of change. I would love to move to a new city and make new friends. Would love to have my own flat (ideally to myself) to decorate with cute homewares. Would love to find a new local coffee shop where I go to read and get my daily flat white.

So that's my main problem of being obsessed with travel is that I crave to always be doing something and struggle with letting myself be still. Maybe someday i'll be content with where I am based but for now i'll be daydreaming of new places.

Does anyone else feel like this as well? 

Holly x

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  1. I feel like, I'm not at a stage to experience that yet, partly because of the fact I'm only 16 and live within the security of my home and family. I can't wait to travel one day though. I've always loved change. I've moved house 6 times and lived in 4 different towns in just 16 years. When people tell me they've lived in 1 house their whole year, I can't help but wonder whether they get bored or not!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Oh wow, that is a lot of moving around!! Can completely understand why you'd be used to change. I think that's a good thing though as it's probably made you super adaptable :)

  2. I'm the opposite! I need a routine and I hate being out of one! xx