LIFE UPDATE / Weekend Away in Melbourne & General Chit Chat


Guys i've got the guilts. I haven't done a blog post in 12 days and...I feel baddd. in my defense the last few weeks have been super busy with work and going away for the weekend so there really hasn't been time to rustle anything together. Also I always like to post stuff that i'd want to read myself!

Last week my mum and I went for the weekend away in Melbourne for no particular reason, just to have a nice getaway. The past few months have been quite full on at work with so many learning curves so I was really needing a nice trip away to reset and treat myself. It was full of lots of shopping, drinking lots of wine and coffee, eating lots of cheese, and exploring around the city. My highlight would be either going to a Wallace & Grommet exhibition or seeing The Book of Mormon.

The Wallace & Grommet exhibition was sooo amazing. We weren't aware it was even on but saw a sign in the city promoting it so we had to go. I don't know about you guys but Wallace & Grommet was my childhood!! I think I have seen each episode hundreds of times. I felt like a little kid running around the exhibition excitedly. My favourite part was at the end where you got the chance to make your own plasticine characters to then make a little short animation - similar to what they do. Would definitely recommend you checking this out if you go to Melbourne, it's only $24 and worth it if you were a huge fan (like me!).
The Book of Mormon was hilarious. The easiest way to describe the humour is that it's South Park kinda humour. Very politically incorrect and offensive at times, but generally funny. I wouldn't recommend this to the faint hearted, if you don't like South Park or shows like The Inbetweeners then I don't think is gonna be your kinda thing. Absolutely loved it though.
Special mention to Young & Jackson (top two photos) which we visited twice because we loved it so much. It's right opposite the iconic Flinders station. Both times we went we got the prime spot which is the one in the corner facing out to the main street. It does a fabulous cheese platter if that's your kinda thing. 
A random cute coffee shop we discovered in Fitzroy after destroying two delicious croissants from Lune.
Also I went back to my favourite spot which is a cafe called Higher Ground (photo above with the huuuge pancake). It's the prettiest place with high ceilings, exposed brick, plants, friendly staff, and a killer menu. I mentioned this in my  Best Spots to Get Breakfast At in Melbourne post a few months back. The thing to order is the Ricotta Hotcake which apparently no one has ever finished. I tried, and only got 3/4 through which was a solid effort.
And lastly we went to Lui Bar which is a gorgeous bar 55 floors up and overlooks the city. It does great cocktails and is ultra classy. It's wildly popular so we had to wait awhile to get a seat next to the window but when we did it was all worth it. Maybe avoid going on a Saturday night like we did because it was very busy.

Overall I had the loveliest weekend away and I can't wait to go back to Melbourne another time, it's quickly becoming one of my favourite cities. I have a few new posts that will be up this week so look out for them :)

Holly x 

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  1. Don't worry, I haven't posted anything for 10 days up until today & I haven't got an excuse other than feeling de-motivated!

    I saw The Book of Mormon when I was in NYC 3 years ago & enjoyed it, as did the rest of my immediate family. Tickets to it weren't cheap though & it looks to be the same here too sadly.

    P.S. LOVE your dotty maxi dress, so cute!

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Yeah it's definitely quite expensive here, our ticket was $140. But it was so good so it makes it worth it :) And thank-you so much!! I love my dotti maxi dress too, it's so easy just to throw on haha. Thanks for your comment ^.^ x

  2. Omg this sounds like my ideal weekend! The Wallace & Gromit museum looks unbelievable, can't believe they even let you make a lil character!! I'd say it was an eye opener to the sheer amount of effort that goes into making even just 5 minutes of a stop motion animation. Loved this post & v atmospheric photos :)

    Sheena ||