Things I'm Going To Start Doing In 2018


Truthfully 2017 was a fantastic year for me - I started my job as an operating theatre nurse, I got a little niece who is the cutest thing ever, I went travelling around some parts of Australia, started an actual savings account (uni was rough on ye ole bank account), and had many adventures with my friends.

But 2018 is going to be better.

Cause there are so many more adventures to go on and things to do.

So these are my things i'm going to start doing in 2018 to make myself a better person and get the most out of the year.
  1. Stop being late - I've gotten into such a bad habit of being late to everything except work. And it's actually a really selfish thing to do to make people wait for you because you didn't have the ambition to get there on time. So i'm going to try and make it a general rule in my head to leave 10 minutes earlier than I usually would.
  2. Start doing more volunteering - 2017 was the year I became a little more relaxed on the volunteering side of things, I began working full time and it got tricky to fit around my schedule. This year I want to start doing more things again like helping out at my local church and other organisations. 
  3. Embrace my makeup free face a little more - This is easier said than done but this year I was to relax a little more on makeup. I love the stuff and wear it everyday but I want to get to a stage where I feel okay popping out of the house with no makeup and not feel this need to be like "I NEED CONCEALER, MASCARA, ANYTHING...STAT.
  4. Get more adventurous in cooking/baking - This year I want to master making croissants! I've made them a few times and they've always turned out okay..but not great. So this year i'm going to boss them.
  5. Schedule in regular catch ups with my friends - As a lot of you know when you grow up everyone gets busier so catch ups can feel a bit of a struggle sometimes. This year i'd love to really put in more effort to do things with my friends more often rather than have a day off and last minutely ask "are you free?!"
  6. READ MORE - At the end of 2017 I started getting into reading again which is fab. Then of course Christmas came and get the picture. So i'm going to make an actual reading list and get through them.
  7. Attempt to have my room tidy - "attempt" is the key word in all of this. My room is rather messy..ahem...a LOT of the time. So perhaps this year I could become a slightly cleaner version of myself?
  8. Chill out on the blog side of things - I absolutely love blogging but it's been getting a lot more difficult lately with finding the time. So I want to stop putting pressure on myself and just go with the flow of blogging when I can.
What things do you want to start doing in 2018?

Holly x

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  1. Good luck with achieving all the things you want to do!

    I've already started chilling out when it comes to my blog (I've opted to have a relaxed schedule this year because I don't want to stress out over it anymore) & avoiding negative media wherever & whenever I can (the news is so damn depressing!); but I also want to keep off the weight I've lost over Spring/Summer (I'm down 5 kgs & feeling great), cull my beauty wishlist because it's a mile long & I really don't need half the stuff that's on it, push myself out of my comfort zone in general & as always, try something new (this year I want to try yoga at long last).

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. Volunteering is so much fun, I volunteer at a charity shop weekly (or at least I try to) and you bet I'm late every week since it isn't an actual proper job haha
    Aleeha xXx

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