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"essential adjective - absolutely necessary; extremely important."

I'm sure everyone has their own beauty essentials. The products we stock up on over and over. The products we 'swear by' to our friends. Taking a peak into another persons beauty essentials can not only give us inspiration but also affirm that our essential products are actually essential. I'm not sure if i've gone a little overboard with how many essentials I have but..I couldn't narrow it down any further because each product I swear by. 

Foundation: Lancome 'Teint Vissionnaire' $75

What I adore about this foundation is that it's quite light but still has a really good coverage. It's the type of foundation which does not 'cake' on easily which is great. Usually just the one pump covers my entire face easily. I also really like how the finish is dewy as it makes my skin have a healthy glow whilst still looking natural. The shade I have is 02 Lys Rose. The other great thing about this foundation is that it has a corrector attached to the foundation which is a nice touch. The lid of the foundation (which contains the corrector) is sealed on really tight so I would feel confident putting it in my bag and not having the saga of spilled foundation. Although this foundation is on the more expensive side I find that it is entirely worth it because it has such a lovely natural finish. 

Concealer for under the eyes: M.A.C 'Studio Finish Concealer' $32

Sadly I have inherited my fathers and mothers dark circles under my eyes (which I never let them forget) so I need a concealer that won't give off the appearance of only having an hours sleep. This concealer is amazing: thoroughly recommend it. I have a shade (NW20) that's slightly lighter than my foundation which brightens up under my eyes and makes me look more awake. It's quite a thick consistency but I find it easy to blend out. I always apply this with a concealer brush which means the concealer comes on more evenly. The price isn't too bad considering how long it lasts for (which so far has been four months).

Concealer for covering bad skin: Maybelline 'Cover Stick' $10

This is my holy grail concealer for bad skin. This is a very thick concealer so it works perfectly in covering pimples. 99% of pimples can be covered with this I find. I've constantly have a stick of this in my bag just in case a pimple decides that being out in public is the best grand entrance. Another little trick I like to do is cover a spot heavily with this concealer before I go to bed and when I wake up the pimple has dried up due to how thick it is. I know it sounds odd to apply concealer to get rid of a pimple but it really does work most times. This is a must have for your make-up bag because not only is it the holy grail for hiding spots but it is so cheap so it's easily worth the investment.

Eyebrows: Yuva 'Brow Dust' $39

Now this was a product I never expected to like as much as I do. I get my eyebrows waxed and every time I get them done I always get the beautician trying to sell me a range of beauty products. Usually I politely decline and hope they stop trying to sell me a product when all I want is to get my eyebrows waxed. One time though the girl waving my eyebrows offered to shade in my eyebrows for me - I of course said yes. After I left I caught myself in front of the mirror noticing how great my eyebrows looked. It was safe to say that I left the shopping centre with the eyebrow powder (which came with an angled brush to apply it with). I've now been using this for over a year and it is so worth it. It looks really natural. Is applied easy. It just brings my eyebrows up to perfection. Although it is on the pricier side it's a product that will last you a long time.

Eyelashes: Maybelline 'The Falsies' $19.95

I won't go into this product too much because i've already done a review on it but this is my #1 mascara as it thickens, lengthens and curls my lashes. This is a must have!

Red Lipstick: M.A.C 'Russian Red' $36

This is my go-to red lipstick. The first time I tried this was when I went to the M.A.C counter in search of a red lipstick and the make-up artist offered to apply Russian Red as it was one of their best sellers. After it was applied I didn't doubt it was one of their best sellers. Now I find red lipstick a little awkward to buy for because I have light brown hair with really dark eyebrows (not dyed, just genetics) so different shades of red lipstick seem to look awkward on me. Russian Red doesn't look awkward though - it just looks amazing. If you haven't found a great red lipstick then I would thoroughly recommend you try this lipstick because it is such a lovely colour and looks good on any appearance. 

Lips: Clinques 'Chubby Stick' in 06 woppin' watermelon $35

You know those days when you have spent way too much time doing your foundation and eye make-up that you don't have enough time to rummage through your lipstick collection finding the perfect shade to match? Well this is the answer. Although it is not a bold colour this is an essential purely because it goes with every make-up look and is moisturizing on the lips. Usually I wear this when i'm unsure if a lipstick with fade out or not and I need just a nice subtle colour for my lips.  This has been purchased over and over and is my favorite lip product. I can't get across how amazing this chubby stick is so you'll just have to buy it for yourself to see how incredible it is. 

Nails: Loreal 'Rose Paradise' $6.95

I'm just going to put it out there: I'm a nail biter. When I get stressed I tend to go back to this awful habit. So because of this i've never been able to venture out into bright colours because it'd bring attention to the fact I have short nails (along with stubby fingers). This shade is great though because I find it actually makes my nails look slightly longer?? It's a subtle colour but even if people looked closely at my nails I wouldn't mind as much because it does look lovely. It dries relatively fast which is a miracle because nothing is worse than having wet nails and then having to avoid touching anything in fear of smudging. It has a gel looking finish. Plus is super cheap so I don't wince every time I go through another bottle.  

Overall all these essential products are essential for a reason so if you're in need of new beauty products i'd thoroughly recommend them all. If you have a lower budget when it comes to make-up still make sure to at least test a product because it may be exactly what you need and become one of your essentials as well. 

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