Rainy Day/ Pamper Day Routine and Essentials


You know those mornings where you wake up to the sound of rain and instantly know you’re not going to get anything achieved that day? Well today is one of those days so I’m going to show what essentials are vital on a rainy day. Hopefully after this you will be inspired to treat yo’ self.

1.      Well first things first (I’m the realest)( I apologize for this overused Iggy Azalea reference but I had to) after waking up I like to go make myself a hot drink like a hot chocolate, coffee or an earl grey tea. After the drink is made I usually either watch an episode of a  series I’m watching, which lately has been Made in Chelsea, or I watch  youtube videos of my favourite youtubers (I’m  adoring Hannah Maggs videos.. they’re amazingly edited).

2    After I then like to have a shower to feel all fresh and clean. This type of shower is the whole shebang. It includes washing my hair, putting a treatment in my hair and shaving my legs.
For my hair I usually use this L'oreal one. I've been using this for ages and I love it.

And for the treatment I use a Kerastase one. This treatment is amazing. It smells divine and makes my hair feel lovely. Usually after I apply this treatment to my hair I then go on to shave my legs so the treatment has time to bond with my hair. Would highly recommend this product!

3   Once I’m out of the shower I first grab a hair brush and brush my wet hair. Then I add a Kerastase oil onto my hands and apply it to my hair. This oil smells great and always makes my hair 10x silkier after applying it.

      Next it’s time to wash my face. I use the Kiels ultra facial cleanser and I love this because the texture feels like honey but once water is added it foams up and makes my face feel all nice and clean.

Next I apply a moisturizer (it varies between Clinique and Sukin).

After moisturizer is applied I like to grab a spray (I use the Avenue thermal spring water one) to bring around with me to keep refreshing my face.

     This is now time where I do whatever I like so it includes either reading, watching a movie or baking. While I do these I like to light a scented candle because nothing is an relaxing as having a scented candle burning.  My all time favourite are Woodwick candles as they crackle like a fireplace while they burn. Today I have lit this bad boy. 

5   Once afternoon has hit I am craving a bath because nothing is more luxurious than a bath on a rainy day. As I go ALL OUT on days like these I also like to put in a bath bomb. The one I’ll use today is by Lush and it is called ‘Sex Bomb’.  It smells incredible (like Jasmine) and it makes the bath go a pretty pink colour. The thing I like about lush bath bombs are that they make the bath smell amazing so when you hop out you smell amazing.

6   After a bath the rest of the day is up for me to decide. It usually is either reading or watching movies. There is also this bookstore 30 minutes away and I love going there because it smells of coffee and you can sit down on the couches while reading books with your coffee. 

     So there you go! Would love to know what other people do/use on their pamper days. Perhaps I could get some inspiration! One thing I know for sure that we all do is the typical messy bun on top of our heads on a lazy day like this. 

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  1. Good post , I do a lot of the same as you
    My fav bath stuff from Lush is candy mountain. xox

    1. I can't get over the smell of candy mountain..it's heaven! The best thing about candy mountain is how good you smell after the bath haha x

  2. really tempted to try out the kiehl's ultra facial cleanser :) and i love the bath bomb! It smells so good! x