Primark and Drug Store Make-Up Haul part 1


I say part 1 because I know, I just know, that I will go back for another make-up haul. Now I must apologise for disappearing for a little while. I got busy is the simple answer. I had exams to study for and Europe to plan so sadly my blog took the back seat. But i'm back and pumped to start posting more again. After my 24 hour flight from Australia (yuck)...I'm in England!

For awhile now I've followed many of the British bloggers (Tanya Burr, Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter etc) and even though a lot of the products I haven't been able to get in Australia it still didn't make me enjoy the posts/videos any less. 

I'm super pumped for the many hauls ahead of me. I find myself going back to the blogs and gathering up a list of products to go out and buy! The bourjois chocolate bronzer is on top of my list.

Enough about what I will buy because you'll see them soon enough in future haul posts but for now I'll show you some of the goodies I've gotten so far.

Makeup Academy: Shimmer Highligher £3

My sister lived in the UK last year and with her she brought back some lovely makeup items - this was one of them. I used it and fell in love. I love the colour of this highlighter  and I find the shimmer isn't so overbearing like you can find in other highlighters. I wouldn't say I'll use this as an everyday product but I will use it on days where I'm in the mood for a complete makeup look. 

Makeup Academy: Pro-Base Eye Primer £2

A dupe for Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I haven't used this yet but apparently it's good! For the price I decided that it was worth trying out.

Makeup Academy: Eyeshadow pallets £4 each

When it comes to eyeshadows I'm not very adventurous. Sometimes if I'm feeling daring I'll add a warm orange tone around the crease..but..usually I stick to my neutral shades. I don't know why I do this - perhaps because I prefer to go for a more daring lipstick generally? 

Anyway my sister has these and I adore them. I feel the best eyeshadow jobs I've ever done has been with this pallet, so of course it was something I'd buy for myself. Urban Decays Naked pallets always get such great reviews but because these makeup academy pallets have been so good I've never felt the need to invest in the Naked pallets which are 4x the price. Who knows maybe one day I'll invest but for now these makeup academy ones are serving me well.

Primark: Sultry Lashes £1

I have wanted to purchase some lashes for awhile now. I'll admit it: Kylie Jenners most recent makeup looks are amazing and I've noticed what a difference the lashes make. I haven't tried these sultry lashes yet but I've seen many photos of girls wearing them and they look divine. I don't think I'll wear them as an everyday look but for a night out I think they'll add a little something.

Anyway that's my haul..for now! I realise it's only the two brands but because they both have gotten great reviews I knew these were the products I wanted to get first.

Many more hauls to come Xx

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