Move over Dora, I'm the new Explorer


I apologise for the title, I was trying to be witty and completely missed the mark. But as it suggests..I am currently traveling! Ever since my first trip to Europe I've been in a constant state of nostalgia. Whenever an assignment would get the best of me I would resort to viewing my travel photos and going back to Europe (well, mentally anyway). It took me less than a year after my first trip to start planning my next one. I kept justifying it as 'my treat for getting through the first year of university' when really I (and everyone else) knew that I just wanted to go back because I loved it so damn much. 

As it is early travel days I haven't gone to any places outside the UK, but I am very very soon. So far I've visited London twice, Reading twice, Oxford and Winchester. I've also been living in a cute little village which is refreshing to come back to particularly after a busy day in the city. 

This was the view I had flying in. If you look close enough you can see the London eye.

On one of the early days of being in the UK I met up with some friends and we roamed around London going to Harrods, Hyde Park, Oxford Street and St Paul's. I have to say my favourite part was Hyde park because there were so many squirrels out and about. I adore Harrods but it was SO busy (which is to be expected around Christmas time) so I couldn't really take my time in there. London is my favourite city but because I was still so jet lagged I hit a wall at the ever so late time of 5 o'clock. 

Above are my photos of my trip to Oxford WHICH I LOVED. I liked Oxford a lot because it wasn't so busy but still had a lot of beautiful scenery and shops. 

So in the upcoming weeks I'm branching out and going outside the UK so I'm sure I'll have lots of lovely photos to post. 

Hope everyone is having an easy time to get all their Christmas presents together, it's coming up really soon! x

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