London life


After staying in the English countryside with my aunt for two weeks I headed to Rome to visit one of my best friends. I was there for about a week and really enjoyed seeing my friend. I must admit: I'm not a massive fan of Rome. It's quite a beautiful city but because I'd been previously and had done all the touristy things, there wasn't too much else to do. Of course simply wandering around the city was nice I just didn't have much to do. The best part of the trip was riding on the back of my friends scooter through the city..I felt as if I was in the Lizzie McGuire movie and the song "why not" was playing in my head the entire time. Also the food - I can't forget the food - was incredible.

Now I'm back in England, well London, and currently housesitting an amazing house in the city with one of my best friends. The perk of house sitting is that you have somewhere homey to come back to at the end of a busy day in the heart of the city. Also they have two cats and two dogs which has been super enjoyable too. 

The routine at the moment is: sleep in, have breakfast, shower, walk the dogs, head into the city, come home, make dinner, movie and sleep. The worst part of routine would probably have to be walking the dogs. It isn't awful and I like being able to work off all those extra hot chocolate I've been having, but one of the dogs *cough* Dorris *cough* is quite annoying to walk. She strains on the lead constantly and decides that the most inconvenient places are the optimal spots to..well..poop. The first day we went for a walk we followed the route in which the owner had mapped out for us. It was through the high street. So we walked the dogs down the high street (or should I say they walked us) and just as we walked past a bus stop with lots of people around Dorris decided that this was a great time to go to the toilet. It was utterly embarrassing. This high street is in a very affluent area so people in suits walking past gave faces of their utter distaste. After that we never have been back on that route and live by the back streets.  

Christmas was yesterday and I LOVED having a cold Christmas! As I live in Australia Christmas for me is a 35 degree day, a bbq on the deck and headng to the beach. I've grown up watching movies such as home alone and it has always made me feel as if my Christmas back home wasn't really authentic. This year my friend and I baked an apple pie and made a roast chicken with lots of vegetables and it was fannnntastic! Although I did miss my family cause hey, it WAS Christmas, I had an amazing day and loved it. Plus my friend got me a lipstick I'd been eyeing for ages (Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107) so that made it even better. It was also nice being surrounded by lots of animals as they made it more homey. 

I hope everyone else had an amazing Christmas! xx

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