December favourites


I've been away from home for over a month now and I feel bad because I'm not really missing it at all, I'm just having a blast! There's something so refreshing about being in a new place. I've also been super lucky as one of my best friends and I signed up to a house sitting website so we could stay in a nice home for a couple of weeks over Christmas and we were lucky enough to score this divine five storey house in central London (woohoo!). 

I've stocked up on quite a lot of make-up since being here as I can justify much easier than I can back home. "Oh..well they don't have this brand back in Australia.." "I mean I HAVE saved up for this trip so I may as well treat myself" have been some of the phrases I've used on a regular basis. But you know what? I have no regrets because I've bought some amazing products this month.

1. max factor - all day flawless foundation

This has made it into the favourites because this is such a great full coverage foundation and I feel once it's doesn't move. It's apparently a 3 in 1 primer, concealer and foundation but to be honest the concealer is no match for the horrendous dark circles under my eyes. As it is a fuller coverage foundation it can look a little heavy for everyday use but it would work perfectly for a night out or a day where you need it to last for a longer period of time. 

2. Real techniques - expert face brush

This is SUCH a popular brush so I decided it was finally time to give it a go myself. No wonder why it's so popular, it's amazing. It does such a great finish and is the best face brush I've ever used. I don't know what else to say about this brush it? 

3. Collection - lasting perfection concealer

Out of everything I've bought in the last month this is my favourite! I've never really been a massive fan of liquid concealers as I've found they haven't had a great coverage..but this one..this one is amazing. I've been finding lately I won't bother with foundation I'll just put this concealer under my eyes, spots on my chin (prime spot for pimples apparently) and around my nose and it'll be enough. I also like it because it's a tad lighter than my foundation so when I do wear it with foundation it acts as a highlighter under my eyes which makes my bags dissapear. It's only £4 ($8) so it's something I'll definitely be stocking up on.

4. Makeup academy - highlighter 

Oh so cheap and lovely. I don't wear blush as I find my cheeks go pink at anything (whether it be slightly hot, slightly cold, one glass of wine..) so I never really bother and instead wear a highlighter. This one gives such a nice soft highlight to my cheeks and doesn't look too heavy or silly. Another one to stock up on.

5. Bourjois - bronzer

Well, this beats every bronzer I've used. The packaging is super cool (cause who doesn't like chocolate!) and the bronzer is such a nice shade. It isn't very pigmented which I like because I can really control how much bronzer goes on to avoid to whole Oompa Loompa look which hasn't been in for a long time (..or ever). 

6. Makeup academy - neutral eye shadow pallette 

I've stared longingly at the urban decay naked pallets for awhile now but to state the obvious: they're very expensive. I don't mind indulging in a expensive product here and there but if I can get a quality dupe then I'll definitely go for it. This is a great product with such a great range of shades and I've done my best eyeshadow jobs ever with the pallette. Quite pigmented. I just really like this product cause it was only £4 and is so great. Definitely recommend this if you're sick of drooling over the naked palettes because this does such a wonderful job as well.

7. Soap and glory - supercat eyeliner

Now my "go to" liquid eyeliner product. I use to use a Mac eyeliner but I find this is so much better and I can't put my finger on why?? Perhaps it's because it's so easy to use and comes on super black. I just love this and have found myself reaching for it A LOT.

8. Bobby brown - soft rose lip liner

I've been obsessing over Kylie jenners lips for agessss now and this lipliner has been the closest thing so far to achieving them. The colour is an amazing 'everyday' shade. Usually I won't bother putting a lipstick with this, I'll simply draw in my whole lips with this lipliner and then apply a clear balm over. This is my favourite lipliner ever and I'm so glad I've got tons of these cause I can put one in every handbag (almost).

Non-beauty favourites

1. Tv Series: Scandal

I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! Am very hooked! I love it because it has a strong female lead, the whole "president affair" drama (sorry if that sounds psychotic but watch the show and you'll be routing for the affair) and such great scandals going on. I'm so so hooked and can't wait to have my laptop so I can marathon it until my hearts content.

2. Music: Hozier

I got Hoziers album and even though there are a couple songs I still haven't entirely gotten into..there are so many songs I love. His voice is lovely but also so powerful. As I've been catching the train often lI've found myself having him on repeat on my journeys. I'm trying to think of who I can compare him to but I can't seem to think of anyone he's that'll just have to listen to him yourself to see what he's like.

Anyway tomorrow I leave this incredible house and in a few days I head to Paris with my mother which I'm super excited for. Happy New Years everyone!  Xx

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  1. I laughed especially at "to avoid the whole Oompa Loompa look which hasn't been in for a long time (...or ever)"- so funny! I love your blog, Holly x