Home sweet home (?)


I did not fall off the face of earth, but I did slightly abandon this blog. Not intentionally though! My last update was on "London life" and then after that things got super busy. My mum came over and we went to Paris, South of France, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and back to London. It was a very hectic month but I saw so many beautiful places so I have no regrets in the slightest.

A photo from Brighton

After all my amazing adventures I tackled the horrendous 24hr flight (honestly, I wish I could get knocked out for that 24hours to make is bearable). Coming home wasn't my absolute favourite thing to do in all honestly. Of course a big part of me wanted to see my family and close friends but..I feel as if I belong in England. Not that I don't belong here but I would LOVE to be able to move to England at some point. It may be because I adore Boots and Waitrose (honestly I worship Waitrose) but it's also because I love how accessible everywhere is in England. The train from Brighton to London is less than an hour, easy jet flies everywhere in less than two hours basically, and you can catch a train from London to Paris in two hours. It's just far more accessible than here. Plus I prefer Englands weather 1000x more as I love cold rainy weather rather than the hot humid days.

In a sense i'm very happy to be home as I don't have to live out of a suitcase anymore (hooray!) but a part of me just wants to keep exploring. I'm heading back to uni to continue my course and I have another two years to go which is exciting but also daunting. I'll deal though!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2015 so far! x

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