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‘Ello there! Today it’s pouring down with rain. I can’t even contemplate going anywhere as there’s a cyclone that’s going to hit soon. I don’t mind at all because the prospect of rainy weather always makes me so happy. And before you say “try living in England then you’ll hate the rain” I should add that I lived in England for a little bit and loved every second of it. There’s something so therapeutic about rainy weather. Also snow is, which is why I added in a little gif of Stockholm I videoed. Kinda want to go back there asap. 

Anyway I have taken to blogging as I’m avoiding something: university. Sure, uni hasn’t started yet but it goes back in two weeks which is too soon for my liking. I keep hearing that this semester is apparently the worst of my entire course *gulp*. Every time I go to organise myself by reading course outlines, skimming over my textbooks, finding out what assessments I have..I start to get this physical pain in my stomach. Anxiety maybe? I’m not sure what it is but whenever I read over what I have to achieve this semester I start to panic and go into shut down mode. Right now I’m listening to One Direction to calm me down (..i’m a sucker for boy bands). Does anyone else ever feel like this before they return to university/work/school?

On another note I am still the victim of post travel depression. It’s been just over three weeks I’ve been back for and all I want is to go traveling again. I miss the cold. I miss Pret A Manger. I miss the high streets. I miss Boots. I just miss the general independence I had when I was traveling. Sadly it is going to be a long time before I can go off traveling again as it will take so long to save up again.
I’ve been super negative in this post so I need to end it on a high note. Already this year there are lots of things to look forward too. It’s nearing the end of summer (yay!) so that means winter is coming (hope some of you got my GOT reference). I have a couple concerts coming up – Asgeir, Alt+J and Sticky Fingers. We get to find out A’s identity in Pretty Little Liars on March 24th (my bet is on Toby or Ezra). More episodes of ‘Scandal’ to watch. Continuing to listen to Taylor Swifts new album over and over. Going to Tasmania in a couple of weeks. See, is that enough positivity for everyone?

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. Would love to know - what are you looking forward to this year? And who is your best guess of who ‘A’ is on Pretty little liars?!

Holly x

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  1. To be honest, while I do love the rain, especially the calming sound it makes on the window when you are cozy at home, I hate it on a daily basis. It rains a ton here in Berlin and trekking to and from work in the rain is no fun. I also always hate how the water backsplashes against my jeans or tights. No one else seems to have this problem as frequently as I do though!

    I can also entirely relate to post-travel depression. I live abroad and have been living abroad for the last 5+ years but I get Fernweh alot - I just want to pick up and travel to every country on this planet. Hopefully I will be able to fit in more travel soon but with a full-time job it can be really difficult!

    Sorry that you are not looking forward to uni but I am sure you will have an amazing semester!

    Rae | love from berlin

  2. i travel quite a bit and always feel that way as well. looking forward to my next trip next month! seeing a lot of concerts as well & attending sxsw and coachella, really excited!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  3. Everyone goes on about pretty little liars all the time, I just haven't been convinced enough to watch it. It seems really good but I don't know...................will I just waste my time?! haha anyway great post and uni will hopefully be fine. xXx

    1. You know what...I wouldn't recommend pretty little liars! The first couple of seasons were great but now it's totally dragging on and i'm only watching it out of obligation because i've watched it from the start and want to know who 'A' is haha. x

  4. I live in England - While i love the rain when I'm inside and have no obligations to go anywhere, I love it. If I have plans or have to go to university - then I hate it! I'm much more of a summer bod! I also use my blog as a way of avoiding university work!! (probably shouldn't, but I should be doing work now and I'm not...). I also agree with your travelling blues, I love to travel and always feel super depressed when I get home!
    I enjoyed reading your ramblings:) have a good day!