NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review, a new love of mine.


A year ago I would have never heard of the brand NYX. It was the brand that was right at the back of the make-up section in Target, and to be honest: I wasn’t as obsessed with make-up then so I wouldn’t have appreciated it. I started seeing NYX mentioned quite a lot so I began to want to try out a product. The soft matte lip creams were mentioned in a blog and the blogger made comments about the staying power (in a rather crude way which I know my mum would give me a slap on the wrist if I repeated it). But alas, it was comments that made my ears perk up because I have never had a lip product that has had amazing staying power.

Today my sister and I went shopping and we both picked up a soft matte lip cream in the colour “Istanbul”. On our recent trip to Tasmania my sister and I fell in love with this colour but sadly it was out of stock. First day back home and we just had to hit up Target and purchase it. We got the lucky last two. If there was only one I would of been prepared to fight my sister for it - sorry Chloe!

First thing I love about this product - the colour is gorgeous. I’m not one for bright colours (despite trying my hardest to pull them off) so this shade is just perfect for me because it still has a lovely pink colour but isn’t super bold. It’s the type of colour I can easily pass off as ‘every day’. Secondly I love the formula. It goes on really creamy and within 10 minutes it has gone completely matte. Once it has gone matte I forget I’m even wearing something on my lips. Thirdly I really like the smell – it’s kind of like candy/berry scent. I know the smell shouldn’t be make-or-break in buying a product..but hey..it’s a plus.

As for staying power I felt it has lasted a good 2-3 hours without fading. After I ate I noticed that it had faded a little but nothing too drastic. When I wear this out I will probably just quickly re-apply it after eating. After doing my swatch photo above I washed my hand and the lip cream left a pink stain which is great sign that it will hold up.

Overall I am very impressed by NYX’s soft matte lip cream and would definitely re-purchase as I can already tell it will become a staple in my make-up bag. Only criticism with this product is that it doesn't have a plastic covering around the outside ensuring it can't be opened/tested pre-purchase..but this is a minor criticism. They are only $12.95 each which won’t break the bank. Super happy I’ve found a long lasting lip colour.   

Would love to know what are your favourite long lasting lip products? My make-up bag deserves a few more!

Holly x

p.s Sorry about the state of my nails in the above picture, uni is around the corning making me resort back to my stress habits. 

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  1. Yes, I love the NYX soft matte lip cream, they are my favorite drugstore lip product! (Okay, one of my favorite lol)

  2. Wow, that's a really gorgeous shade, especially for spring and summer! I'll definitely have to give those NYX soft matte lip creams a go!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. wow ! lovely shade :)

    nice blog