Why I can't wait for Winter!


It is supposedly Autumn at the moment and you think it would have started to cool down - but no! It is still reaching 30 degree days. All this has made me sentimental of winter and I got excited about all the things i'll be able to do in Winter..so I thought i'd share with you on what my favorite things about winter are.

top left: Rubi shoes, bottom left: topshop, middle: country road, top right: tony bianco, bottom right: country road


I think I have a pretty decent collection of boots. I've got another pair of knee high flat boots which I forgot to photo, but they are great as well. I just love the ease of boots. They are easy to put with a pair of jeans, tights or even a dress. All my boots are comfortable enough and I..well I just love them. When winter hits i'll always reach for boots because I know they look great with everything. Side note - the bottom right ones make me feel like Ariana Grande when I wear them with dresses haha.

2. Darker lipstick shades

In summer I feel ridiculous whenever I go for a really bold dark shade because it never goes with the summery look i've got going on. In winter though..you can go as dark as you like! I'm aware the shade in the photo (Rimmel 107) isn't exactly the darkest/boldest colour but i've never been able to wear this bad boy in summer because it's looked too dark Particularly because I have dark eyebrows any darker shade is amplified in contract with my eyebrows - I don't know why. Anywhoooo I just like being able to pop on a dark shade and own it without feeling like i'm breaking some girl code of not being able to wear a dark lipstick in summer.

3. Hot water bottle Teddy

When I first saw this in Primark I nearly broke down crying at how cute this was. IT'S A HOT WATER BOTTLE..IN A TEDDY. A TEDDY THAT IS A HOT WATER BOTTLE. My mind was blown! I had never seen one of these before and I just thought it was so cute. Honestly I can't wait for the night where it gets cold enough to warrant a hot water bottle. It seems like those days are years back..it's been so long my friend. I just love it's smile as well because it says "i've got you covered". Like if I ever have cramps I can look at it and it says "I've got you covered" haha. Yeah..I really like it. If you live in the UK you are blessed because i've never seen hot water bottle teddys in Australia. 

4. Velvet Plush Leggings

Another pickup from Primark. I got these in Edinburgh and when I bought them my mum said "..but you shouldn't wear them yet because when you're back home and it hits winter it'll feel special putting them on for the first time". I loved the idea of that so months have passed and I still haven't worn these. And I just can't wait to put on these bad boys when it gets cold enough. I think when winter comes i'll just be living in these. Honestly I think i'll love these so much that i'll call up a lawyer and ask them to write up my will and have it say "In case of death, bury her in the velvet plush leggings. It's what she would of wanted". Sorry i'm super grim and dramatic haha, but honestly i'm a massive fan of comfort clothing and I think these leggings will become my favorite thing ever. They aren't like regular leggings..they're lined with a thick cozy fleecy layer probably designed for optimal comfort. Can't wait to wear these.

5. Hot Chocolate

Okay I could not NOT include hot chocolate in this post. Every winter I drink my body weight in hot chocolate. Something about it is so soothing and it's so perfect for those freezing winter mornings where you're trying to pump out an assignment and you need something to perk you up. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like hot chocolate. If I do..I..I just wouldn't be able to ever get to the next level of friendship because it would be a massive barrier. Are people who don't drink hot chocolate choosing to not be happy? 

Anyway those are the things i'm super pumped for when Winter finally arrives! Where I live winter doesn't last too long because it's a warmer climate..so I really enjoy those winter months. I got a bit too excited writing this post.

Let me know if you love winter as well! And what your favourite things about it are :)

Holly Xx

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  1. love the boots :D
    great post !!

    would love to know your thoughts on my new freebies post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  2. Winter isn't the same without hot chocolate.....!
    Aleeha xXx