Make-up problems every girl knows too well


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1. When you do an awesome job at your make-up but no photos are doing it justice

2. Applying make-up in bad lighting and realizing you look like a mess in natural light
(usually you'll most likely find this out when you're in public)

3. Those kind of pimples that can't be hidden by any amount of concealer 
I mean come on you think three types of concealer would cover them but nooooo.

4. Trying to perfect cat flicks in a limited time. And yes the chances of them ending up even are slim to none.

5. The fear of eating with a vibrant lipstick
Praying furiously it wont go everywhere.
6. The age old debate of "girls shouldn't wear make-up for guys"
No no no no no NO, we do not wear make-up for guys. It is fun to apply and makes us feel confident.

7. When you finally splurge on an expensive item that is all the rage and it ends up being average
Yes, i'm looking at you "they're real" mascara.

8. How M.A.C is almost always busy
The lipstick section is basically a war field to get into. I need a chai latte to recover from the stress of not being able to find a lipstick because of people in the way (yes..i'm aware of how 'basic' that sounds haha).

9. Attempting to do a dramatic look but ending up looking like a clown gone goth
Smoky eyes become panda eyes. My bold lipstick looks like a botched job of lip fillers. 

10. And lastly..being out and about when it starts to rain
Why didn't I check the forcast so I could wear waterproof mascara?!


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  1. haha loved this! #2 is the absolute worst!! Last summer I tried out a new foundation and after I applied it I was like..ou yes, this looks great! Then I went outside for a bit and looked at myself in the car mirror and nearly died. My face looked orange and was soo shiny it looked like my face just poured grease! So bad lol


  2. Lol!!! That made me laugh at loud, especially #7!

  3. Haha, this was a really good post and made me laugh so much. These are all so true it's almost laughable!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Hi, I was wondering if your interested in collaborating and doing a guest post for each other. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love it so much and you also seem like the sweetest person ever. If you are interested email me at and let me know.
    Aleeha xXx

  5. Loved number 1 and 9 haha, such a funny post :D

    Rebecca Coco

  6. Hahha I hear you on all of these! Especially the MAC counter, unless I have an idea of what I want I just throw my hands up and have to leave it's so crowded!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty