7 Types Of People You See At Every Concert


I’ve seen almost 30 artists live so naturally I’ve become quite acquainted to the many types of people at a concert. Some are good, and some very very bad.

The people who are there for the music
These people are the b.e.s.t. You can tell they genuinely love the band and are there to boogy or sway to the sweet sounds that are being produced. Honestly these type of people rock.

The people who live behind their phones
These people just annoy me. Whether they’re messaging their friends or filming the band – it doesn’t make a difference – just put your phone down and be present. Occasionally I’ll snap my phone out to get a few shots to say “WHY YES I AM SEEING THIS AWESOME BAND LIVE” but then I’ll pop it back in my bag and leave it. I just don’t get the point of standing there the whole time recording the concert, it’s not going to be great quality and the sound will be crap. Plus there’s this magical website called “youtube” which probably already has a thousand videos of the artist live.

The lads
You know, the group of guys all wearing Hawaiian shirts and are more enamoured by the beer they’re holding than the actual artist. They are wasted before the concert even starts and are usually sweaty and gross. Eek. They distract everyone from the artist by being crude and obnoxious. Plus they’re always very pushy. Honestly why do you guys gotta do this?

The pushy people (usually girls, soz)
You know that feeling when you get to a concert early and secure a fantastic spot right in the front? Yeah that’s a fab feeling. But nothing infuriates me more than those people (usually two or three girls all holding hands, ugh) trying to barge their way in roughly. Um, hell no. If you wanted to get a good spot THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE COME EARLY. It’s just concert etiquette.

The groupies
Again these are usually girls. They either wear the band t-shirt or something skimpy. They like to reach their arms out to the stage as if a band member will reach through the crowd just to touch them, and they wait for the silence to scream out “I LOVE YOU _____”. Sometimes they embarrass themselves (okay, well most of the time) and sometimes their passion is admirable.

People who get on shoulders
I’m not trying to be the concert buzzkill when I say this: BUT PEOPLE ON SHOULDERS ANNOY ME. As a 5’3 gal I struggle to see the stage as it is, so when someone is on another person’s shoulders and they’re blocking even more of the view...that bugs me. Sometimes I don’t mind (like at music festivals) but when it’s a cramped venue and someone’s foot keeps kicking into me as they are sat on someone’s shoulders..I just want to push them off.

The drunks
No hate, no shade to the people who want to have a few glasses of cider or beer at a concert. You’re all good. But this is aimed at those people who are so drunk that they’re on the verge of passing out. Like what’s the point of getting smashed at a concert? You paid good money for the concert – why would you want to get so drunk you don’t remember it??

 Let me know if you have seen these types of people out and about at concerts. Perhaps you are one?! Let me know who grinds your gears the most.

Holly xx

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  1. The fighters are the ones that annoy me the worst! I don't mind a small mosh pit but once people start throwing punches it's too much! I definitely agree with you on the drunks :/


  2. People pushing past is the most annoying thing ever! For once I get a good spot and then some random group takes it... and I'm not even going to say anything and just go with it... I'm so socially awkward XD!