Wow October, you brought the goods!


Kay so it's four days into November..but I couldn't miss the opportunity to do a post on my October favourites as I discovered/re-discovered many great products. Hope October was good for everyone! For me it was pretty great - I got to go see one of my favourite bands RUFUS play, went to my first bloggers event 'the doll connection' in Brisbane, went to the beach yeah was lovely :')

 1. M.A.C Mineralize Foundation in the shade NW20 - $49
For some reason I forgot about this foundation until one day I was sifting through my mums make-up stash and found this glorious thing. What I like about this foundation is that it has a natural glowy finish. It's easy to blend. Has a medium coverage. I don't have many negatives about this foundation except it can look a bit cakey if too much is applied, so one pump is the perfect amount.

2. M.A.C Studio Fix powder foundation in NW20 - $49
Okay, I just went to find out the proper title of this powder and discovered it's actually meant to be a foundation. Whaaaat. Well...basically..i've just been using this over my liquid foundation to set everything and mattify my t-zone. I found this was the perfect thing to bring on on-the-go cause it's so compact, easy to apply, and has a mirror.
3. Ardell natural false lashes in "110" - $10
Accidentally put these lashes in my 109 case so you can see my dodgy photoshop job oops. These are the first lashes i've ever felt confident wearing out. I have hooded eyes (ugh) so majority of false lashes look ridiculous on me. I love these lashes because they look so natural and fluttery. I'd recommend these for anyone with hooded eyes or who prefer a natural lash look.
4. Bobbi Brown long-wear cream shadow stick in 'Shadow' - $45
My lovely mum bought this for me a few years ago and I was obsessed with it. Somehow, I just forgot about it. But in October I rediscovered it and have been usually it regularly. It doesn't crease, is easy to blend and is matte. You can either wear it on it's own or add some eyeshadow over to create a divine smoky eye.
5. Eye of horus liquid define liner - $30
This was included in my 'goodie' bag I received from the blogger event I went to. Truthfully, I had never heard of this brand before. I really like this liner though! I'm fussy when it comes to liner and I like how this one doesn't budge. Once it's on, it's on. There's no fading or smudging. Only downer is if you totally mess up your liner it can be quite tricky to remove. But still, its fab.
6. Revlon colourstay eyebrow liner in 'dark brown' - $21.95
Wowzers I love this brow liner. After using my Yuva brow dust for years I decided to give another brow product a go. This glides on pretty easily and doesn't smudge. I'm guessing it's a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills one? Oh and I also like how it has a lil brush at the other end.
7. V10Plus 'water based peeling' - $69
Another freebie from the blogger event, and another brand I had never heard of. I'm kinda amazed by this product though. The people from V10 asked us to give it a try. I applied the little blob and started rubbing it. At first I was like "oh, so this product dries when you apply it and starts to peel?" and they were like "no that's your dead skin!". Gosh, I was shocked and horrified at how much dead skin I had just on the back on my hand. I've since done it on my face and a ton comes off! So yeah this product is horrifying but also amazing as it gets rid of so much dead skin just by gently rubbing in the lil gel product.
Edit: holy crapola, just looked up the price of this product to add in and it's blooming $69!! Hm, I dunno if that's a little much?

So they are the seven loves of October. And no, none of the products from the blogger event are sponsored in any way nor was there an expectation i'd do a review on them. I just showed the two which I genuinely liked :). Let me know how October treated you, if you had any great product discoveries, and if you're as pumped for christmas as I am! 

Holly xx

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  1. The V10plus product looks pretty cool, even if it is quite gross!


  2. I love the MAC studio fix powder foundation too! I use it for touch-ups as well even though it is meant to be a foundation! It's perfect for when your foundation is starting to wear off, also great to get rid of shine!
    I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for christmas!