Five Favourite Things At The Moment


Just thought i'd let you guys know that I haven't had internet for a week and IT HAS BEEN HELL. My morning routine is making myself a coffee and spending an hour or so blogging (reading blogs, finding new blogs, writing posts etc) and because of the whole "no internet" thing I have feel like a lost child in a supermarket. What do I do with myself? So I am currently hot spotting my phone so I can write up this post. *sighs* You don't know what you've got til it's gone definitely applies to wifi. 

I'd stop moping and get to the five things I am loving at the moment cause there are some things I have been like "DAMN I NEED TO SHOW THIS TO THE WORLD IT'S SO GOOD". 

1. Milea Swimwear
I am someone who really struggles to find good swimwear that is flattering yet accompanies *ahem* a larger chest area. After being on the hunt for awhile I decided to try on this pair which was ridiculously expensive. I swore to myself before trying them on "oh..but i'm not going to buy them of course..I could never spend that much on swimwear.." but after putting them on I realized that they were the best bathers I have ever tried on. So of course I purchased them despite my band account screaming NOOOO. As it is now warmer here in Australia I have been going to the beach quite a bit and have worn these each time - and alas - they have been a success! You can find the top here and the bottoms here.

2. O.P.I 'Altar Ego' Nail Polish
I'm not a massive nail polish fan (frankly, it annoys me most of the time!) but I do like my nails looking nice. This shade is a very light pearly pink which makes my nails look healthy. Plus I find it doesn't chip easily. Will definitely be a re-purchase.

3. Butternut Squash, Chill, and Feta Frittata from 'Clean Eating Alice'
I originally saw this on a video by The Anna Edit and then I found the recipe on this blog. I made this last night and it was a raging success with every piece getting eaten. It's very healthy and clean, so if you're wanting to get healthier without feeling like all you eat is salad leafs then try this.

4. Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer
My mum purchased this a few weeks ago whilst we were in Mecca picking up a few things and since then I have snuck downstairs to use this (soz mum, it's so good though!!). Not only does it smell amazing (who doesn't love coconuts?!) but it is very hydrating and makes my skin look less flat. Will definitely go and buy one of my own soon.

5. Television Series
Since being on holidays I have had a lotta time to watch a load of tv series. I mean - why leave the house when you can live vicariously through the characters on a tv show? Okay I joke..but I really do love finding an addictive new series. 

I have started watching Suits again and it's been so good. If you haven't seen it it's a show about lawyers in New York which is full of drama. It's so good that we named our dog after Harvey Spector haha. 
Also The 100 was one of those shows I got obsessed with. You know when you basically don't leave the house for days because you are hardcore marathoning a show? Yep, this is one of those. Each episode leaves on a cliffhanger which makes you go "OH MY GOSH NEXT EPISODE NEXT EPISODE". 
I won't go into all the other ones I watch also (cause I feel like I need to make a full blog post on it) but I also watched and loved: The Tunnel, Luther, The Great British Bake Off, and First Dates.

What are some things you guys have been loving at the moment? Hope you had a good week!

Holly x

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  1. Lovely picks! I love the bikini ahh so cute and that too faced primer looks worth a try!

  2. Omg totally feel you!! I hate having no laptop at the moment, going to hopefully get one with my Christmas bonus. Same when I've no wi-fi! Might try the Two Faced primer as it sounds pretty good. They do make some lovely stuff xx

  3. Ooh, I love pale nail polishes like that. I always think that pale pinks and greys look super pretty and chic on other people (I hate nail polish on myself for some reason).
    Aleeha xXx