My Holy Grail Nude Lipsticks


No matter how much you're into make-up a great nude lipstick is something every girl should have. I'd consider them to be a secret weapon, something you can just apply on the run to feel all that more put together. Last year I had a massive nude lipstick phase and since then I have dwindled it down to these six which are my go-to. Luckily for you guys - they are all drugstore except for the MAC one! I do enjoy a good high end lipstick but I also love the feeling of finding a gem among the drugstore brands.

 Left to right: Revlon 'J-Los Nude' - MAC 'Viva Glam II' - Maybelline 'Daringly Nude'
Colourpop 'Aquarius' lippie stix - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Stockholm' - Australis Velourlips in 'Pa-Ree'
When it comes to a nude lipstick I prefer it to be a matte formulation but there are a few that are exceptions. J-Los Nude (Revlon) is the most recent purchase, it's hydrating and gives a nice subtle pink tint on the lips. Viva Glam II (MAC) is a great cool toned lipstick which I like to pair with a smokey eye, it's a satin finish too which is my favourite MAC formulation. Daringly Nude (Maybelline) is in the comfort matte formulation which is exactly what it says it is, I feel like this is the truest nude colour out of them all. Aquarius (Colourpop) is very similar in colour to Viva Glam II but slightly more hydrating and almost has a glossy finish - i've REALLY been loving this one lately! Stockholm (NYX) is a matte lip cream which goes on like a mousse but dries completely matte, it doesn't feel too drying though thank goodness! Stockholm is something I like wearing on 8 hour shifts as it lasts a long time and I only need to re-touch it once. Pa-Ree (Australis) is verrrry similar in formula to the NYX soft matte lip cream, this shade looks quite similar to Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics.

So these are my six favourites, what is your holy grail nude lipstick? :)

Holly xx

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  1. They are such gorgeous nude shades! I love the pinky browns, such nice picks :)

  2. All the shades are beautiful! I had no idea the Mac viva glam II was so pretty! Great posts! :)

  3. Nude lipsticks are the best! I've never heard of Australis before... as per usual, I'm guessing the UK doesn't sell it... -_-
    Aleeha xXx

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