Life Update: My New Job, Spending $ & Seeing Adele


February was a kind month to me. It feels like so much has happened and I haven't shared much of it here! So i'll give you the run through.

Firstly, my new job ROCKS. Honestly I am so fortunate to love my job this much. The photo up there is me in my little pinafore, the pinafores are very cute. Sadly I don't get to wear them much because I wear scrubs 24/7 at work. If you are new to this blog then you might not know that I am an operating theatre nurse. After slogging out three years in university I was very lucky and got my dream job and didn't even have to move away! I love my job because I feel a sense of happiness knowing i'm helping people, it's mentally stimulating and i'm constantly learning cool stuff, and all the people I work with are super lovely. I couldn't be happier with it. If anyone wants a blog post ever on what studying nursing was like or how the job actually is then let me know, or feel free to message me :-) ALSO am going to do a "longwearing makeup for work" blog post soon cause I think i've finally cracked the combination to making it last through the 10 hour shifts.

Secondly, with a new job comes....MONEY. Throughout the whole of January I was skint, literally. I didn't want to work my agency job as it caused me to have meltdowns anytime my phone rang so I decided just to leave it and get by. After a few months of not spending money it's nice to be able to do things to treat myself again: I got my eyebrows done, bought some make-up, have gone out to nice dinners, and got an eyelash lift + tint (blog post to come on that sometime next week!). I'm still going to be a savvy lass and save the majority of my pay but it's nice being able to spend things here and there.

Thirdly.....I SAW MY FAVOURITE SINGER LAST NIGHT: ADELE. *hyperventilates*. She was incredible. Marvelous. The epitome of talent. The whole concert my face was probably like the heart eyes emoji. She put on a fantastic show. Now I know some of you may go "but...all she does is sing? like will that really be a good show??" but it was probably the best concert I have been to. What I liked about it is that she didn't need to be elaborate. She didn't have back up dancers, didn't have changing sets, multiple costume changes..she just was her. Between songs she would just casually chat to everyone in such a humble manner, thanking the audience for giving up their Saturday night to see her cause we could be doing something better. I just really enjoyed how talented she was but still stayed humble and herself. So if you have the chance to see her: do it!

Hope everyone had a wonderful February. Let me know what you got up to and if anything exciting happened. :)

Holly xx

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  1. What a lovely post Holly. Congratulations on the nursing job. I did my nurse training for a year but sadly quit at the end of that, it just wasn't for me. I struggled with the academic side and I didn't get the support on my placement so it was disheartening but I don't regret my choice. These days my focus is on my writing and I have a regular nine to five type job which I don't love but it pays ok. Would love to read a post on your own learning experience and also a day in the life now you're working as a theatre nurse! Bet your feet are constantly sore! I did a stint in theatre and loved it! That and the physio and OT! 🙌🏻 Xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! Reading this made my day! (I was such a dag and showed my mum and sister it saying "look how lovely people are!!" haha). Will definitely write up a post on what my job is like! And yes my feet do get quite sore but luckily I've invested in some comfy shoes (but gosh the comfiest shoes are the ugliest haha). So glad you found a job you enjoy! Thanks again for the lovely comment x

  2. Congratulations on the job! It feel great to have a full time job to be able to buy nice things but also see your savings grow. I am so jealous you went to see Adele, I couldn't afford the tickets at the time, but my mum went and she said is was one of the most amazing concerts she has ever been too. I love how Adele is so down to earth and she is hilarious! x

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe

  3. Congratulations on getting your job! I'm in my final year and rapidly approaching graduation with absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life! ARGH!! But everything will work out in the end, I am sure there is a plan laid out for me somewhere.

    Love, Sophia