MELBOURNE #1: Best Spots To Get Breakfast


Melbourne is one of those places where every street you go down there is a cute cafe which would be every instagrammers dream to get a photo of. They aren't central in the city, more hidden in the backstreets. The first few times I went to Melbourne I found quite a few nice places but this trip my best friend Alyssa was in the know of where the locals go as her brother lives here.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the city then get yourself to these trendy places.

650 Little Bourke Street

This place was the coolest. Exposed brick, high ceilings, plants, a killer menu, and friendly waiters? You can't get any better. It was such a pretty place I couldn't stop taking photos, thankfully our waiter was lovely and fine with me being camera-snapping-happy. 

I went with "slow cooked beans, green sauce of pea and spinach, poached eggs, goats feta, sourdough and hazelnut crumb". It was different to what I was expecting but absolutely delicious. Alyssa got the ricotta hotcake which they are famous for and it was soooo yum. The prices are around the $16-$21 mark which isn't cheap but also isn't ridiculously expensive. Would go back to this place again in a heartbeat. 

119 Rose Street, Fitzroy
Both my best friends (Alyssa and Grace) had been to Lune before and couldn't stop raving on about it. I was like "I NEED TO TRY THIS PLACE ASAP". I am a huuuuge huge croissant girl. Give me it plain, with almonds, with chocolate, I don't care..I don't discriminate my croissants. 

They do an assortment of original styles but also cruffins and "twice baked" croissants. I ended up getting a coconut pandan twice baked which was to die for. Literally, would jump in front of a bullet for it...on the basis that in my final moments I could eat it. 

This place has been voted for many awards and given praise among foodies. It's not hard to understand why. It's hidden in the backstreets of Fitzroy so it'll be one to GPS. Prices range from $4.50 - $9 which is pretty reasonable considering how good they are. 

50 Albert Road, South Melbourne
Okay, was a bit of a fail and forgot to take a photo of my food. Oops. 

But this place is just another cool one. Fun fact: the people who own "Higher Ground" also own this one so there are quite a few similarities. 

Another place with a great menu. I got the avocado on toast which was pretty good, but personally I was not a fan of the kelp salt it came with as it made is taste like seaweed. But the other things on the menu look great, I kept staring at the people around me seeing what they ordered. I'd recommend eating here because it's a pretty place and close to the botanical gardens so you can order a coffee to-go strolling around the park nursing your food baby. 

304-306 Little Collins Street
When you're in the CBD...and are getting sick of people and need an escape...go to Laurent! It's just on Little Collins street which is just off the main hub. When I went down with my mum this was our local spot we would visit. You walk in feeling like you've stepped into a Parisian boulangerie. There is gentle jazz music playing, a selection of many beautiful pastries/desserts, and a general cozy vibe. 

197 Vere Street, Abbotsford
Now this one is a little out of the CBD but guys: it's sooo worth it!! 

When Alyssa came down to Melbourne on a previous trip she went here and said it was her favourite place. So on our last day before flying back home we decided to go here. I must say, I think it was my favourite breakfast of the trip. I love all the other places but this just felt so blooming cozy. We both ordered the pancakes which were topped with: apple, rhubarb, vanilla custard, cream, and crumble. As soon as they brought out the plates my eyes were like the heart eyes emoji. 

I think they were like $16 which I was more than happy to pay. Gosh, I would have mortgaged a house for these pancakes. 

So these were the favourite spots. Thank goodness for having an actual job now and being able to go out for breakfast everyday, was such a dream. Have any of you guys been to these spots? And are you also drooling at the image of those pancakes cause I sure am...

Holly xx

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