Melbourne | Life Update. (Waiting for pancakes)


Hey there!

Am currently sat in the cutest little cafe in Melbourne. I just ordered pancakes and am eagerly waiting, would it be weird to start banging my knife and fork on the table to signal I am so very excited for my pancakes? Okay..I won't..I'll hold off on that. Might look a bit strange.

It's my last day of 5 in Melbourne. My best friend (Alyssa) and I went for a long weekend away as we're no longer poor uni students and can afford to go on holidays now! Hooray! Each day we've gone for many meals out at trendy little places. Will do a series on here of Melbourne: where to eat..what to do..what I wore..ect. I'm so excited to go home and edit those posts together but also not wanting to go home!

Anyway my pancakes will be here soon so I'll sign off. Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Holly xx

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