Is There Space For More Bloggers?


This was kind of inspired by THAT Cosmopolitan article which sparked a hell-of-a-lot of clapbacks from fellow bloggers.

Basically a well known blogger (who I won't name) did an interview with Cosmopolitan and chatted about the blogger life and how she found her success. What stirred controversy was some of the comments she made about the blogging world. She said

"If i'm being completely honest, I don't think there's any space for more bloggers in the industry - everyone is one these days. It's ridiculous.". 

This of course sparked a ton of bloggers tweeting about these comments - people angry that someone so influential could be so discouraging. Since there was a lot of backlash the article has been re-edited and she's changed her stance saying "if someone wants to start, go for it!". Erm...definitely A LOT different from her original quote am-i-right. I don't want to criticize her though, perhaps she just wasn't thinking when she said those comments. I like to believe the best in people.

I guess it is a valid question to ask though: is there space for more bloggers?

She is right, there are so many bloggers these days. Even a few years back having a blog wasn't a common thing and there was a lot less "competition" you could say. Photos used to be grainy phone pictures and people wrote as if no one was reading. These days everything is more pristine and cultivated into suiting the brand a person wants to build. I don't want to generalize things but objectively it does look like blogging has become something where people have realized you can make money off it whereas a few years ago it wasn't so much a thing. When I first started blogging in 2014 I never considered it could be a career pathway, it was just something I did on the side as a fun little hobby. And it still is that for me - I don't make any money off my blog I just do it because I enjoy it and love connecting with other bloggers/readers. For most people it's probably the same - a hobby and creative outlet. Unfortunately there are probably people out there that do it for the freebies and the chance to become the next Zoella.

I kind of miss the early days of blogging if i'm honest. People weren't so phased about stats and there was a nice informality about it. It was a bunch of people doing it because it was something they loved not because it could make them money.

In saying all this I do whole-heatedly believe there is ALWAYS space for more bloggers. Blogging is such a great creative outlet where you're able to express yourself  You can write about things you're passionate about. You can connect with other like-minded people. You can use it as a way of documenting the happenings of life. You can use it to share experiences in which you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing on social media (such as struggles in mental health ect). You can do anything you like as it's YOUR space on the internet to be completely authentic.

So if you're thinking of starting a blog then i'd 100% recommend doing it. If you have been blogging for awhile and are starting to feel discouraged then keep on going if it's still a passion. There will always be space for you. The people I wouldn't encourage are the ones who don't enjoy it but want to do it as a way to get freebies or make money.

Hope this has encouraged some people to keep going with their blog! The blogging world should be a positive community where we are encouraging of one another. :)

What are your thoughts? Do you agree there is still space for bloggers?

Holly xx

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  1. I love this post. I didn't and hadn't heard of the blogger who did the article but I was shocked to read the comments once the twitter storm had made me aware of it. You wouldn't say that there is no more space for any actresses or new singers? People are always looking for fresh talent, so there is always room for more bloggers.

    Rachel |

  2. I personally think the internet is big enough for everyone! I discover new blogs I love every day. Even if it was limited, I don't think I could ever give it up, enjoy it far too much :)

    Ella xx

  3. I completely agree with you! I believe that with any kind of opportunity someone will find a way to get greedy and only do it for the money, so that's that. I think it's stupid to say there's no more space for blogger because there's billions of people in this world who are trying to connect with other people on the internet, the more the better. I think that was just her way of trying to discourage the competition.

    1. I agree, such stupid comments to make! It's such a lovely way to connect with people :)