I Miss London


Going back through travel photos is fraught with danger, it will flood you with memories of incredible times passed. I'm a big ole' sook when it comes to reminiscing the past..I've always been super sentimental.

A place that makes me suuuper duper reminiscent is London. The first time I flew the 24 hour flight to get there I was a bright eyed 18 year old girl excited to see somewhere outside Australia. I instantly fell in love with the city and in no time felt like a local zipping around on the tube and even having my own Boots card. After spending a few months there I came back to Australia and instantly started planning my next trip. I went back the following year (after saving every penny) and did house sitting in Putney with a best friend. I started to really image living a life there - and it excited me. Since then I went back the following year for some more Europe travels. A part of my heart belongs to London and I so wish to move there one day. For now i'm saving up in hopes that one day in the future I can move there.

So here are some of my photos that I was looking at which made me go "ahh London, I love and miss you".

Does anyone else feel this way about a certain place? Please tell me i'm not the only loony-toon who daydreams about moving to their ideal destination?

Holly xx

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  1. Ah I love London too! I went back there last year to celebrate a family wedding, which happened to co-incide with my birthday (although I spent my birthday up in Leeds visiting a friend for the day). Both times I've been I've come away with the sense that I haven't spent enough time there, especially last time where I was too busy seeing friends both in & out of London + seeing my cousin get married to do any of the sightseeing ideas I had in mind. I don't regret any of it, but what I would've given for an extra few days! (Or another week. I needed it.)

    Whilst I don't daydream about living there, I have to admit I saw myself as a West Coast gal when I visited San Francisco on that same aforementioned trip. I fell in love with that place & I'm dying to go back, if only to get my Charles Chocolates fix haha....

  2. Oh my, these photos are so beautiful!! I've never been to London (I've always wanted to visit), but I feel the same way about New York City. I live an hour away and every single time I go I get the same rush of affection for the city. There something about the energy of being there that I thrive off of, which I'm assuming is a similar feeling you get when you go to London. Also, I love that outfit in the last post!! It reminds me of a look Blair Waldorf would wear from Gossip Girl. (Aka, you're killing it).

  3. These photos are beautiful! Although I live in England, I haven't visited London much. It's a nightmare trying to drive there in the traffic, but I really want to take the train and be a proper tourist in my own country this summer!
    Aleeha xXx