Pick-Me-Ups Every Girl Needs


Some days you wake up and it feels as if the world is trying to pick a fight with you, whether it be realizing how ghastly pale you've gotten or new spots emerging in the midst of the night. Whatever it is:  you just feel rubbish. On these days (heck, sometimes it can last weeks) it can be so easy just to hibernate away but there are some things I like to do which make me feel human again. These are also the things I do when I want to feel on my A game for a special event. So you sitting right there reading this: if you are in need of a bit of a pick-me-up then try out a few of these things.

1. Getting a lash lift or eyelash extensions
I have gotten a lash lift twice and can testify that it makes me feel soo nice. It's just something about how it opens up my eyes and makes me feel as if I have nice fluttery eyelashes. Some before and after pictures are on this post here so you can see what a difference it makes. I've actually booked myself in tomorrow to get another lash lift. An alternative is eyelash extensions, I haven't gotten this before but I have seen some girls with them and it just looks lovely.

2. Getting your eyebrows done
I can get a bit lazy with this but every time I get my eyebrows waxed/shaped I go "why don't I do this more often?!". My brows can get a bit out of sorts so having them freshly done can really make me feel a lot better.

3. Having a facial
Whether it's you doing your own facial or going to a spa for one it can be a real game changer. When I can I really enjoy going for a facial as it's not only effective in making my skin come to life again but it's also just relaxing being able to lie down and listen to the soothing music. Another treatment I ask myself why I don't get more often as it really lifts my mood. If it's a little pricey have no fear as you can do your own at home - just light some candles, put on the soothing music and gather up your favourite skincare products.

4. Having a night out with your gal pals
Sometimes all you need is a nice night out with your friends to make you feel all the more better. It's best to take your time getting ready giving generous time to choosing a bomb.com outfit, styling hair, and applying your makeup. Personally I like to just go to a nice bar with friends and chat nonsense over wine and cheese. Or perhaps going out for pizza! Either way it's always a good time and can lift your spirits. 

5. Getting a hair cut
This sounds like a lame one but c'mon, we all know that getting a banging hair cut can be the key to feeling a bit nicer. I'm super lazy when it comes to my hair doing the bare minimum but when I do go get it cut and styled it makes me feel like a new woman. Shout out to my hairdresser for washing it with lovely product, blow drying it 1000x better than I can, and styling it in the most flattering way. 

6. Fake tanning
I used to not get the hype behind fake tanning until I did it and realized it was the best thing ever. Building up a real tan takes time and a lot of time prancing around the beach whereas fake tan is so much quicker! My current go to is this one I reviewed here. Being more tan can make your skin look healthier and give off the appearance of being leaner. Can understand why some people aren't a fan of it but personally I love it. 

7. Going for a walk or doing some squats
Body-wise i'm sure everyone can feel sluggish every now and then, right? So on these days don't stay indoors dwelling on it, go outside and go for a walk if it's a nice day. You'll feel better cause you're doing some exercise and getting out and about. I also like doing squats, have just started the 30 day squat challenge.

8. Getting your nails done 
You can go get this done at a proper place or did it yourself. Taking the time to do your nails can just make you feel a lot more put together. Unfortunately for me being a nurse I have to have my nails short and nail polish free but when I have a few days off in a row I whip out the nailpolish to make me feel nice again. 

So those are the things I like to do to pick-me-up when I need a bit of a boost. Of course I realise it's not what's on the outside but the inside that counts and yada yada..but sometimes these little things can do wonders for ye ole' self esteem. 

What things do you guys like to do? Let me know!

Holly x

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  1. I LOVE getting my hair done at the salon! Colour, cut (when I need to get it cut, which isn't that often since my hair is in decent nick), a blow-dry that I could NEVER do myself...so worth it. Afterwards I feel like swishing my hair around like Beyoncé lol. I also like getting my brows done, giving myself a facial, painting my nails (am having withdrawals atm since one of my thumb nails is waaaaay too short to be painted) & going for a walk.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Yessss blow-drys are amazing!!! Honestly whenever I try and copy it at home it looks so dodgy haha. x

  2. Getting a hair cut always makes me feel so much better! Good luck with the squat challenge!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Fabulous post. For a male like me, a haircut really lifts me up. Looking nice and clean makes me feel good. Thanks for the tips Holly. I'll be sure to keep reading your work.