What Happens To Friends In Your Early 20's


Flashback to 2013 and I was an 18 year old girl with a raging social life. I used to have plenty of friends, more than I could count on my fingers. I went from being quite a low-key girl in school with not a large friendship group to becoming a lot more confident and having slightly improved social skills (I used to be very awkward, still am a bit haha).

I remember being 18 and having plans almost every night of the week. I used to have a night each week appropriately titled "board game night" where I would get together with close mates to play games or watch movies. Sunday night was church (a cool one with lots of young people) and after the service we'd all go get coffees and hang out. Other nights of the week i'd find friends to hang out with. When I started uni my social calendar got even fuller adding uni friends into the mix.

Flash forward to 2017 and being now 22 years old my social life has completely changed. I went from being such a socialite to being someone who spends most nights in and with less friends.

You know what though..I actually like it better this way. Sure, I had a great few years always being busy and having lots of friends but I much prefer having more close friends. The 20's are where people start to really go in different directions. Sometimes it sucks when you aren't as close to some friends but it's important to learn that some friendships are just for a season and it's only natural for us all to do different things.

In your early 20's it'll become more "quality over quantity". You'll find it's better to have less friends than to have lots of friends. You'll find people you genuinely connect with and bring out the best of you.

Holly x

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  1. I've never really had a big social life, but I have noticed that after leaving university and going into full-time work, I don't go out as much. But I find that this has made the friendships that mean a lot to me become a lot stronger. Even though I see them less, I feel like when we do see each other it's like no time has passed at all! That's when you know that they are worth keeping. Definitely quality over quantity!

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe