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Hello! I’m currently writing this update in the car on the way to dropping my parents off at the airport (..well Dad’s currently driving and I’ll drive the way back, don’t worry I’m not being naughty and using my phone). The last few days have gotten really quite busy. After the work week I was excited to sit down and pump out a few new blog posts but I’ve ended up becoming so busy 👀. I’ve gone on adventures with my dad while he’s had time off work, I’ve shopped for my one of my best friends birthday presents, run other errands, and just generally haven’t had solid time to sit down and put a decent effort into coming up and writing posts.

So today (or should I say tonight as I type this in the late hours of the night) to continue with my Blogtober and not be a quitter I’m just going to do a basic little life update.

Last night I went and saw a great band called “The Kite String Tangle”. I raved all about them in my “music I can’t stop listening to post”. They were amazing! Full of energy and had many songs that would it hard for the stiffest of people not to bust out and boogie. I came home, got my makeup off, grabbed my little Cavoodle Harvey, and slept in. I must add, at 6am when Harvey woke me up all excited to get up for the day I dumped him in my brothers room cause I NEEDED a sleep in. I’m a bad sister. Today I just ran must needed errands and got ready for one of my best friends birthday parties. Her party was great - her family is Lebanese so the food was absolutely delicious. I definitely went back for seconds and thirds.

Next weekend I’m going away for the weekend with two of my best mates and we’re going to stay in a nice little Airbnb. Will take lots of photos!

Will try and stick to my Blogtober dammit, even though I have full time work this week. It has been so fun and challenging for myself, and I feel I’ve created content which hasn’t lacked in substance to what I usually would post on my usual posting schedule (which really is once a week, or whenever I go “oh crap I havent posted in ages”).

Let me know what you guys have gotten up to this weekend and anything you’re looking forward to :)

Holly x

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  1. I honestly don't know how people manage to upload a post everyday... I haven't even tried to do a month of daily blog posts. I can barely manage one a week!
    Aleeha xXx