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Everyone has their "thing". Some it may be baking, reading a lot of books, photography, sports..mine happens to be music. Music is just my absolute passion and I love nothing more than discovering new bands and going to various concerts. I'm always making playlists for myself and friends, burning CD's for my car (yes i'm still a little oldschool, I love my mix CD's!), looking up what bands are touring soon, and trying to find new music.

This year there have been some absolutely fantastic albums released. The ones I were mainly excited for was Lana Del Rey, Asgeir, and Foster The People due to them being my favourite artists. I was also lucky enough to discover new artists with some were recommendations and some being just found at random. These ones mentioned in this post are the standouts, the ones I keep going back to and the ones I can't stop telling people about.

These guys were a complete random find. I attended Woodford Folk Festival last year and they played there, despite being not remotely folk at all. I didn't actually get to see them but my brothers did - and they loved them - so the next weekend we roadtripped 3 hours to Byron Bay just to see them. It was a fantastic show and I got them all to sign the setlist!! 

Parcels are described as being disco-pop band from Byron Bay, Australia who are now based in Berlin. Their music is so damn funky, and although they only have the six track EP out it captures their groovy essence. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here. I'd say they sound similar to Daft Punk, but a bit more psychedelic. I really rate the Hideout EP and I think these guys will definitely hit the big time with their music. 

Anyone and everyone knows I am a huuuge Lana fan. Ever since her first album Born To Die was released I have become a diehard fan. Lust For Life is an excellent album because it not only captures Lana's sultry old school style but feels slightly modernized with featured rappers like A$AP Rocky. Each track I find myself loving for different reasons. If I had to choose a favourite it would probably be Cherry, but I do love Lust For Life a lot. 
This album exceeded my expectations and I think it's one many people would enjoy.

This is the third album by Foster The People which features many groovy beat-filled tracks. The genre would be indie-pop with a side of alternative and electronica here and there. There are a few stand out tracks for me which are: pay the man, doing it for the money, sit next to me, and SHC. This is an easy album I have been popping on while on my drive to work as it's upbeat and easy to listen to. If you're a fan of indie-pop then this will definitely be something you'll be into. 

Holy Holy are an indie rock band who have been around for a few years now but are only a recent discovery of mine. My dad actually started listening to them awhile ago and one day put them on and I was like "who is this?! I like this!!". Their album Paint was released this year and is an excellent album from start to finish. Favourite tracks are easily Elevator and True Lovers, can't stop listening to those two in particular. I've seen these guys live now and they put on a great show. Paint is an album I throw on when I don't know what music mood i'm in. It's verrrry good!

Now..this is probably the most different artist/album out of all the ones i'm mentioning. The East Pointers are a Canadian Folk band which sound kinda like celtic folk, with the instruments being a bango, violin and a guitar. I abso-freaking-lutely love em though! I used to not be into folk music but these guys have completely changed my opinion on that. I discovered them at Woodford folk festival and have now seen them live four times! What We Left Behind is a beautiful album, it was only released a couple of days ago but already I have listened to it multiple times. It features some upbeat folk instrumental music but then some heartfelt songs with Tim Chaissons beautiful vocals. Two weeks so far is my favourite of the album, listen to it here.
If you're someone who likes folk, or perhaps wants to give it a go, I think this album is great start. It doesn't fail to put me in a good mood. Plus the guys in the band are super lovely and love what they do, I met them at Woodford and they were soooo kind. 

This was actually another one of my dad's finds! Honestly, he listens to cooler music than me sometimes haha. To sum up the album: it's just so damn cool. Genre would be alternative electronic. Think...Flume, Chet Faker kinda style. Each song could be it's own single they're that good. 

Gorgeous Icelandic singer Asgeir brought out an excellent follow up album to his incredible first album which was a best seller around the globe. Afterglow is everything I wanted and more. Asgeirs first album is one of my all time favourites so for his second album I wanted something that still kept true to his style but expanded in new ways. His music is like poetry and I feel instantly soothed whenever I put it on. Fun fact: his dad actually writes a lot of poetry so Asgeir uses a lot of that in his lyrics - how cute?! You definitely should give this a listen, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like this album. 

So those are the albums I can't stop listening to. Reading back on this post i'm aware i'm quite terrible at describing the sounds of an album - so you just have to trust me on this and give some of them a listen. :)

What albums should I be listening to??

Holly xx

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  1. I utterly adore music & have done so since I was young. Love me a good mix CD! (Yep, I kick it old school too. I like the physical form because I love reading the lyrics booklets & thank you notes that artists & bands write for their albums.) I used to keep up with a lot of new music & discovered so many great artists & bands along the way (as well as making a lot of friends overseas & introducing them to Aussie & NZ artists & bands), but these days I don't for some reason.

    As far as albums go, I'm still catching up on stuff! I'm now keen to check out The Kite String Tangle's debut because I was a big fan of Arcadia & (especially) Stone Cold. Also need to check out Gang of Youths' Go Farther In Lightness because I bloody love Let Me Down Easy + one of the other album tracks I've heard sounds solid.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Yay, so glad there is another music lover out there!! I'll have to check out more of Gang of Youth, I hear them on the radio every now and then and really like their music. Also love how you're a fellow mix-cd fan, they're the best haha. x

  2. I've never actually heard much of Lana's music, I'll give it a go though!
    I absolutely love the album Hourglass by Mako - probably not heard of it haha
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Ooh i'll have to look up that album! :) x