My Thoughts On Afterpay


With a catch phrase of "Shop now. Take now. Buy in 4." it's no wonder Afterpay has become a raging success among online retailers.

You know what though: i've got a bone to pick with Afterpay.

I think it teaches people unhealthy habits with their money. It makes the price of a product look more appealing by dividing it by 4, telling you that you can have it for a cheaper price straight away instead of having to pay a full amount. It doesn't change anything though - you still will pay the same price if you pay for it up front rather than do it in 4 payments.

My motto is "if you don't have the money for it then don't buy it". I've always done this in my life. At times when money was tight I didn't bother excessively buying things like makeup or clothes because I knew it would be wiser to save it or spend it on essentials like food and petrol. In those times it would have been so easy to buy into the Afterpay craze and purchase a range of things online, but it wouldn't be wise. It's not good to get into the habit of repaying things. I only ever want to be in debt when i've purchased a house or something that's a proper investment.

I think it targets vulnerable consumers who haven't got sound budgeting skills and who have developed a "I just want it now" mentality. I think it is a dangerous way of people to get in the habit of buying things.

If somethings that's good - then save up for it and buy it when you have the money.

What do you guys think of it? Have you used it before, and if so what made you use it?

Holly x

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  1. I've never used it before as I prefer to pay all costs upfront or wait until I have the money for it rather than buying then paying it off. I've used old school lay-by before & I remember how excited I would feel once I'd paid things off & finally got them home. This to me seems all too easy & I can see where people could get into trouble with re-payments.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. Totally agree with you on this! I basically just see it as being in debt to be honest and that's just pressure that can build up over time.
    Aleeha xXx