Why I Don't Really Watch YouTube Anymore


Th years are 2013-2015. I wake up, make my coffee right away (of course), slink back to bed, jump on my laptop and press refresh on my YouTube subscription page to see what new videos my favourite youtubers have uploaded. I get on with my day and then in the evening i'm going out to a nice dinner - so what do I do? Hop onto YouTube and see if I can find a makeup tutorial I can try out. Needing inspiration on what to wear? Hop on YouTube. Wanting to learn how to curl my hair with a straightener? YouTube. Missing Christmas? Youtube (Christmas Vlogs).

Everythinggg came back to YouTube with me.

What did I like so much about it that made me so obsessed? To the point where I watch it for hours on end over watching a tv series?

It was that YouTubers were relatable. They were like me..just filming in their bedrooms..using drugstore makeup products..doing Primark hauls..having baking fails. Content was more casual and not pristine. People didn't really care about instagram themes. Things weren't getting promoted every five seconds.

People are branding themselves these days and making themselves packages, everyone knows it's big business so many are jumping on the social influencer bandwagon. Heck, there are so many girls that I went to school with that are now trying to get insta famous by posting bikini pictures and with their almost 1000 followers are promoting a teeth whitening product.

The big YouTubers I used to love just feel out of touch now? I used to love Zoella. Just thought she was the bomb diggity. I thought she was quite similar to me - a girly girl who loved makeup and Christmas. I'd watch all of her videos without fail. The last few years I have just tuned out. I find her videos kinda difficult to watch these days? I still enjoy them to some degree but with her millions of dollars and lavish lifestyle I just can't relate.

And perhaps I am ever-so-slightly bitter when I hear YouTubers complain about how busy they have been? I'm an operating theatre nurse, so when I come home after a 10 hour day of running around, scrubbing in for long operations, doing copious amounts of documentation, liaising with the surgical team (which does include cranky people time to time), helping collect specimens for pathology, jogging to the storeroom for important equipment, more documentation...it makes my eye twitch in slight annoyance. Sure - being busy is subjective - but seeing someone complain about being busy and then going onto unbox their $2000 ASOS haul does make me slightly seethe.

I do really miss the cozy vibe of 2013 YouTube but these days social media is big business so I doubt it will ever feel the same again. For now I will try find the smaller YouTubers and bloggers to switch onto.

Holly x

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  1. Totally agree you with! The reason some of the biggest YouTubers shot to fame was because they were relatable, everyday people who just sat in a room and shared their lives with us. They felt more like our friends rather than 'idols'. I prefer to watch smaller channels or travel vids now (if any), but I totally see where you're coming from. When you work a hectic day job, while maintaining a blog and social life it can be a little frustrating when a multi-millionaire complains about being tired after leaving the house for an hour! I definitely feel out of touch from the biggest creators because everything is a little too overproduced! Wonderful post :)

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. I hadn't actually thought about it in this way, but I think I agree with you! Rather than relating to youtubers... I'm now jealous of what they have! I still watch youtube videos occasionally, but definitely not as much as I used to. Maybe I have just grown out of it? idk to be honest!
    Aleeha xXx