Making The Blogging Comeback..


I know this has nothing on the Jonas Brothers comeback but hey, i'm returning to the blogging world!

I first started this blog late 2014 as a way of procrastinating my university assignments. This worked a treat - blogging just gives you such a sense of accomplishment when you hit that "publish". Throughout the years I kept it up consistently until I finished my degree and started working properly as a registered nurse. I tried to keep it up..but life just gets busy doesn't it?

A LOT has changed in 8/9 months since I last posted. I did more travels going to New Zealand, quit my job, moved from Australia to the UK, got my nursing registration here, and have gotten a job. Talk about change.

Lately I have just felt so inspired by many things to take up blogging again. Whether it be wanting to document my travels, share beauty hauls, or even simply write thought pieces I just want to get back into it. I do miss the community and can't wait to dive in again.

Holly x 

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  1. Hi Holly!
    I found your blog after doing tons of research about relocating to the UK as a nurse. You are one of the only people I have found online blogging about it and I would love to hear more about your experience.
    I am a 25 year old nurse from the US who has just moved to Glasgow, Scotland to try and start working here as a nurse (I did things a bit backwards and am already here, but don't have my full registration yet). I love it so far but it's weird being in the UK and figuring out the nursing world here.
    How have you liked it so far? What do you think of nursing in the UK?

    1. Heya! So i'm now 3 month into working as a nurse here and so far so good! I work as an operating theatre nurse and I find at my hospital that generally we are well staffed and I don't feel as if i'm overworked. I do have a friend that lived in London and did nursing on a ward and hated it so went to agency. I think it's about finding where you want to work - if you want it more casual then agency is good but then if you want to settle somewhere then going full time is a good option. I found every hospital I was interested in were more than happy to give me a tour which gave me a great feel for certain places.
      Feel free to ask more questions, happy to answer them :) Will be doing more blog posts on this process very soon.