The Favourite 5: M.A.C Products


Trying to choose my favourite five m.a.c products was kind of hard! you can see..I kind of cheated. Lipsticks is it's own category right? M.A.C is definitely my favourite make-up brand as it pumps out such high quality products time after time.

1. Mineralize Skinfinish (Perfect Topping) - This isn't just pretty to look at but it makes the most awesome highlight. I use this on a regular basis now so this one is very deserving of being on the list. If you don't have one of these go buy one - it's nice to look at and is very diverse in being a highlighter or even an eyeshadow.

2. Mineralize Foundation (NW20) - This bad boy is a recent edition to the m.a.c foundation family but it has bumped it's way up to being the favourite. I like this one because it's very buildable so it can be worn both day and night. It's just got a very natural finish yet still has long staying four for you mac mineralize, you go mac mineralize! (Hope everyone got that mean girls reference haha)

3. Studio Finish Concealer (NW20) - Even though majority of the time I use my collection lasting perfection concealer this concealer is amazing for covering up bags. I reach for this on days when my dark circles make an appearance cause I know it'll cover it up. Very thick and long lasting! As you can see in the photo it has gotten it's use. Woo, you rock concealer!

4. Mineralize Skinfish Natural - I'm not a massive fan of powdering my face as it goes from a dewy finish to cake face in a quick brush of the powder. BUT this powder makes me less cake faced than any other. This powder has a very natural finish and is great at setting my foundation in summer when my face starts to get a bit sweaty (ew). I've been using this for years now and I will continue to use this forever and ever.

5. Lipsticks - Okay..I totally cheated on this one..but I mean..lipsticks are it's own product right? I couldn't choose between a lipstick to feature so I thought I would cheat the system and be ambiguous. M.A.C lipsticks are always my go-to ones. They are always high-quality and are just a step above most other brands. The ones I featured are: Vegas Volt, Russian Red and Brave. If m.a.c excels in one particular type of make-up it is definitely it's lipsticks.

Let me know what your favourite m.a.c product is! Is there a product i'm missing out on?? Please do tell because I always listen to recommendations.

Holly xx

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  1. I desperately want to try the concealer! Haven't found anything to work well on my eye bags so this is on my wishlist xx sophie/

  2. Studio fix concealer is pretty wonderful! I recently picked it up. x

  3. The mineralize skinfinish looks so pretty! That's definitely one to go on my list of things to buy.
    Aleeha xXx