10 Things I Hate About The Beauty World


The beauty world has positives that easily outweigh the negatives BUT i'm gonna lay down some of my pet peeves about the make-up/beauty world. 

1. Overly photoshopped images on make-up advertisements
When an image is photoshopped to the point where the girl has no pores anymore, i'm not exactly going to believe the claim that the foundation has a "flawless finish". It hurts my soul when I see a celebrity barely recognizable by the amount of photoshop they've done on them. If you google "Julia Roberts Lancome ad" you'll get what I mean. It's just plain ridiculous to use so much photoshop to sell a product. I understand they'll want to do some editing..but c'mon, at least be a tad realistic otherwise i'm never going to believe the claim the product makes. 

2. Eyeshadow applicators
You know what i'm talking about. The crummy ones that are obligatory for every second eyeshadow palette to include. Let's face it..who actually uses those things?! I remember when I first started using make-up at 13 years old and i'd go through so many of those because they'd always fall apart on me. I wish eyeshadow palettes would stop including them. They know we won't use them so why bother adding it in. 

3. Bloggers pushing only PR products
Don't get me wrong I don't mind reading reviews a blogger has written about a product they got sent but when it's obvious they're just pushing the product to make money that's what I hate

4. Bitchy girls at the make-up counters
I hate hate HATE when I go to a make-up counter and the girls treat me like I know nothing about make-up. I find that whenever I go to a make-up counter with a minimal everyday make-up they treat me like I know nothing about make-up and act really condescending. I'm too polite to ever pick them up on it but it really irritates me. 

5. Girls at the make-up counter who try pressuring you to buy a product on the spot
Nothing is worse than a salesperson who doesn't understand that you want to wait and buy the product another time. Reasons for this can include: wanting to test out the product to see the staying power, not having enough money at the time, needing to think about it a bit more etc. There are numerous reasons as to why you wouldn't want to buy a product on the spot so I loathe when the salesperson keeps pressuring me to buy a product. Once a salesperson starts putting the pressure on you betcha i'll immediately lose interest and leave. 

6. Make-up snobs
It's alright to prefer high end brands. That's totally fine. But when you look down on others who use drug store brands..well that's just not cool. 

7. Limited edition ranges
Why, mac, why do you have so many great products in your limited edition ranges?! There is this one lipstick I adore (prabal gurung light english red) but because it's limited edition I can't get it again! Limited edition ranges can be fun but it's a sad day once you've run out of a product you know you can't get again. 

8. Mac is always busy
And I mean always busy. There's practically a queue at the lipstick section.

9. Testing on animals
It's a shame so many cosmetic brands still test on animals. It's barbaric. I don't like the idea of innocent little animals having to go through such a undignifying process just to see if a product is okay or not. 

10. Those dodgy make-up/hair counters every shopping center has
It aint a shopping center if it doesn't include those make-up/hair counters with pushy sales people. I just don't like being approached while i'm strolling through the shopping center. My view is: if your product is good then you wouldn't need pushy people to sell your products. Most of the workers just scream "PLEASE HELP, I NEED TO REACH MY TARGET TODAY. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE BUY SOMETHING"

*wipes sweat off forehead* okay so I may have gotten myself a little worked up there but let me know if you agree/disagree with some of these points. 

Holly xx

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  1. This is a really interesting post. Totally agree about your point on animal testing, I don't understand how brands still get away with it! would be great if you could check out my fashion blog?:)

    The Fashion Road

  2. Testing on animals is definitely the worst...

  3. OMG... Julia Roberts looks so fake in that! No foundation makes your skin like that.. I wish one did tho!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. ohh this is awesome :) i hope you're having a lovely day!


  5. Eyeshadow applicators annoy me too, glad I'm not the only one haha!

    Rebecca Coco

  6. This post really grabbed my attention! I hate snobby girls on makeup counters too! Theres nothing worse than someone looking down their nose at you! Just because you chose to go in minimal makeup! :)

    www.denajayne.blogspot.co.uk xo