Weekly Favourites


Doing a weekly favourites..cause why not!

1. Scrubs: I own all nine seasons of scrubs and yes, I have watched them all time and time again. This week I was feeling a little low and needed a lighthearted comedy to make me feel better..and this definitely worked. In need of a new tv series or just a pick-me-up? Then watch this my friends.

2. Shawn Mendes: He was mentioned in one of Zoellas latest videos so after I watched it I then went onto search for who this "Shawn Mendes" is. I listened to a few of his songs and was hooked. Got the album and now am listening to it on repeat. I'd say he is a mix between Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. His lyrics are a little Ed Sheeranish and his voice is slightly Bieberish. It's just a very 'easy listening' type album that i'm sure most people would enjoy. So go give him a listen for me yes?

3. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Masque: This week was one of those "I am soooo not bothered to wash my hair" weeks. When it got to day 4 of greasiness one of my friends asked if I had dyed my hair as it looked darker. Did inform her that it was in fact: just my greasy hair. It hit day 5 and I knew my time was up and I had to wash it. Dry shampoo will only get you so far. So I washed it as per usual but used the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Masque (gosh that name is a nightmare to type). This product (I am sooo not typing out the name again) is a little miracle worker. Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves the hair so soft and luscious. The best thing about it is that it leaves your hair smelling amazing all day and I can see a difference when I use it. So if you hate washing your hair like me then maybe this will help you like it slightly more.

4. Jarrah 'Swiss Moments': I've been drinking this drink for years now. It's actually my mum who is obsessed with it - we constantly have many tubs of this stored up so we never run out. The drink is pure bliss. It's just freaking delicious, and good for the soul. Whether i'm nearly in tears over an assignment or about to sit down and watch a tv show I will most likely make a cup of this. It's a mocha but a little more on the chocolatey side. I'm about to make one now..writing about it has made me crave it. I think if I stopped drinking it for a few weeks i'd get all those withdrawal symptoms like sweating and goosebumps. I think this is only in Australia, so sorry if you're not Australian and go to the grocery store in hope it'll have it.

5. MY PUPPY HARVEY: I couldn't not mention the little guy. I love him so damn much. He is just a ball of fluff who only has two modes - super hyper or super sleepy. No inbetween. Puppy school is in a few weeks so i'm hoping he won't be "that puppy" who causes a ruckus. I'll keep updating how he's going on this blog cause i'd love to read back in a few months time to see how he's changed.

So they're my weekly faves! Probably won't do a weekly favourites every week..but i'll do them here and there if there's things in particular i've loved. Lemme know what your favourites this week have been :)

Holly xx

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  1. Oh I looooove Shawn Mendes! My favourite song is stitches! He just has this voice that I can't even describe it's just kinda unique but not different... that did not make any sense...
    Aleeha xXx