The Tattoos You Will Never Regret


Maybelline Colour Tattoos are one of the best beauty purchases I have made all year. After applying ‘bad to the bronze’ for the first time my instant thought was: why haven’t I been using this sooner.

The packaging for this product is basic, nothing fancy schmancy. It doesn’t need to be though. It’s the type of thing you can just throw in your bag and not worry about it getting damaged. The consistency is a firm cream gel which, being completely honest, felt weird at first to apply. I am so used to using brushes to apply eyeshadow so it felt a little odd to use my finger for appliance. Kind of reminded me of when I was first getting into make-up at 13 where I would dip my finger into my bright blue eyeshadow and drag it across my lid. Because it’s a product best applied with a finger (due to its gel-like consistency) it goes on so quick and easy. It’s so easy that it has made its way into my everyday makeup routine!

The two qualities I love most about the colour tattoos are:

1. Finish
This eyeshadow is completely buildable. It can be both sheer and heavily pigmented depending on how much you build it up. All colour tattoos have a shimmer to them which I personally really like – I’m a shimmer girl at heart.

 2. Durability
They are named colour tattoos for a reason and that is because they last. To test this out I wore the bronze eyeshadow for a 9hour shift and when I got home I was amazed it still lasted and was creaseless. I’d go as far to say that this is the longest lasting eyeshadow I’ve ever worn.

Price: $11.95

Should you buy this product? Yes. Yes, yes…yes! It is so cheap that it’d be crazy not to buy.

Hope you guys liked my review on the Maybelline Colour Tattoos! If you've tried them before and love them as well..let me know!

Holly xx

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  1. Hehe, loved the title of your review :-) I've only tried these in store but everyone raves about 'em!

  2. Oh my gosh... those shades are gorgeous! I'm going to have go and get some of them real soon!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. I love these so much! I currently only own five, but I cannot wait to get more!! :) xx

  4. I adore these I tried one in the shop and instantly fell in love I really want them I am going shopping on Wednesday so I will most defiantly buy one thanks for the little push