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Lately I haven't been able to get around to the hobby that I love most: blogging. Life can really get in the way, can't it? All I can do is roll with it and hope for free time soon. The last two months have been B-U-S-Y. I'm the kinda gal who cherishes my free time so it'd a shock to the system to suddenly have many things to do. 

Firstly, I signed up to a gym! Never thought i'd be a gym person. Ever. I originally did a month trial and after it finished I realized how much I liked the gym. So i've signed away my soul for the next year and am forcing myself to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. The reason I like it so much is cause it's an all girls gym! Hooray! I can turn up in sluggish clothes and not an ounce of make-up and I don't even care cause it's just us girls. 

Secondly - I got a job! After a few months of being jobless/focusing on university I decided I probably should get a job relating to the field I want to work in. I'm enjoying it so far and have loved having extra $$$ to spend. I'm a good lil saver though - so perhaps more travel is on the cards?? 

University has been alright this semester but I can't wait to finish. Two days a week I go on placement (kinda like work experience) and although it's interesting all I can think is I COULD BE DOING MY ASSIGNMENTS RIGHT NOW. I'm currently in denial about my assignments. So much so that i'm sat here typing up a new blog post when I really should be starting my 2000 word assignment that's due in a week. Carpe diem? 

I'm currently listening to Foals new album which is excellent, will definitely be popping this bad boy into my car. I love technology and all it's advances but I will never stop loving CD's and making myself mix CD's to listen to in the car. So much less fiddly than an iPod. 

 I really have no clue where i'm going with this post but felt in the mood to do a little life update. The next few weeks are going to be awful but i'm just gonna listen to old Taylor Swift albums and make lots of tea to get by. Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. Let me know what you're looking forward to on the weekend :)

Holly x

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  1. ah I loved reading your life updates, sounds like you've had a lot of positives! so great that you've joined a gym, I find it difficult to stay throughout winter but I'm determined not to let the cold and dark stop me this time! x

    1. Aw so nice to hear someone likes reading my lil life updates! Winter is always the hardest because you have to resist the urge to just curl up on the coach with a blanket haha. x

  2. Life updates are one of my favourite posts to read! If only I had the motivation to go to the gym... i'll get into the routine one day! I guess once you start it just becomes something you enjoy and get used to.
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Congrats on your new job :) What are you studying at uni? I love going to the gym, but I just cant afford it right now. I love update posts :)

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm studying nursing :). Yeah it's a shame gyms can get so darn expensive x