Monthly Mixtape


I’ve decided that I’m going to do a monthly round up of all the music I have been loving in the month. Personally I love the feeling of finding new music. Nothing is better than listening to a song for the first time and realizing “damn I’m going to break the replay button on this one”.

One of my little quirks is that a make a mix CD for my car each month. A few people think it’s lame but I love just popping in a CD, I find it so much easier than messing about with my ipod. Sometimes I’ll even make my friends mix CD’s based on the music I think they’d like listening to. My friends love it and I have such a fun time making them too. My September mix has been one of my most favourite mixes I’ve made so i’m gonna share what my favourite songs have been.

Losers by The Weeknd feat. Labrinth has been one I’ve replayed so many times. It’s got a funky upbeat tune that makes you want to dance. Well done The Weeknd, you’ve done well.  Another upbeat song that I’ve loved has been what do you mean by Justin Bieber. YOU GO BIEBS. I bet majority of you have heard this song but for those who haven’t: go listen to it asap. So damn groovy. While I’m on the genre of ‘funky tunes’ (I don’t know if the word ‘funky’ is lame or not ha) I must mention Taro by Alt-J. The other day I went for a roadtrip with some friends and this was repeated a few times due to how great it is. Whenever I listen to it I think of one of those snakes dancing to it cause it’s got an Indian feel to it. Daffodils by Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Parker should have been released as a single because it’s such a great song that reminds me of the 60’s with its psychedelic beat.

I’ve been getting into Adele once again! Listening to her brings me back to 2011 where I would listen to both her albums on repeat for weeks. Did anyone else do that too?! The one song I’ve been going back to has been “my same” which is on her first album 19. It’s a lil jazzy, I like it. I’ve also rediscovered my love for The 1975 which was a band I was obsessed with late 2013. “Chocolate” and “Settle down” are the ones that grab me the most but they’re all addictive.

It excites me that Lana Del Rey’s new album is finally out, “high by the beach” has been the standout song for me as it’s chilled yet catchy. Another chilled song I’ve been loving is Here” by Alessia Cara..damn that girl has some great vocals. This song is about her being at a party and would rather not be there (which speaks to my soul cause I’ve been that girl many times).

I’m going to wrap it up here because I could go on and on about the music I’ve been loving this month but I’ve mentioned the main tracks that have grabbed me. Please let me know what music you’ve been loving J

Holly xx

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  1. THE WEEKEND!! Yes, yes, yes! My favourite band!
    Aleeha xXx