So I Purchased My First Face Primer...|Review|


For years I had put off "getting into" primers because I had the view: if a foundation was actually decent - it would last. So, I may have been a little misguided on that. I now see their appeal cause who wouldn't their foundation to go on smoother and last longer? I decided to purchase one in hopes of my make-up becoming sweat-proof during 35+ degree weather over the week I camped at a music festival (side note: camping is most definitely not my thing).

Primer: L'Oreal BaseMagique
Price: $29.95 (I got it half price while it was on sale - woo!)
Claims: To not only hydrate skin but work as a primer to mask winkles and uneven textures before applying foundation. Formula diminishes the appearance of pores and contains soft powders which mattify the skin and enable longer-lasting make-up.
How it lasts on a normal day: I started stealing my friends supply of this primer on a week long retreat and I was pretty impressed with how smoothly my foundation glided on and the overall staying power. Now after buying one of my own I pretty much wear this on an everyday basis. I don't think it gives astounding longevity but I do notice it slightly pro-longs my foundation life. I would also say that it does minimize the appearance of pores which is ace.
How it lasted on a 35 degree day: Well, it didn't. It did not last AT ALL. Honestly I was disappointed with how terrible the staying power was. This primer is not sweatproof and my foundation glided off far too easily. Eh, I was not happy. By the end of the week I basically gave up on make-up cause I knew it wasn't going to last anyway.

Verdict: 5/10

I'm at odds with the primer. On one hand I continue to use it but I don't love it. It is probably something I wouldn't recommend purely because it doesn't prolong the life of your foundation well enough to justify the purchase. Also it's just annoying that you gotta dip your finger into a pot to get the product out, I much prefer Benefit's porefessional which i've just started to try out. 

If you have a holy grail primer please tell me what it is because I would love to try more. In this hot Australian weather I need anything that will prolong my make-up life haha.

Holly xx

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  1. Great post! You should try the Urban Decay Setting Spray (Oil control or normal) to help pro long your makeup in hot weather. You can get them in little travel size bottles so you can try it out!

    I followed you on blog lovin', lovely blog!

    1. I actually just purchased that UD setting spray and am in love!! Has lasted SO well in hot weather. :) x

  2. Anything that makes my pores less visible sounds pretty good to me, but I feel like that primer needs to make my makeup last longer too if it's going to make me pay that much for it!
    Aleeha xXx