Why Stockholm Is The Cosiest City Ever (and why you should visit it..)


If you don't know I just got back from three weeks of traveling Europe. It was splendid, honestly, Europe gets me. It was the third place we visited and was one of the standouts. As mentioned in the title ~ Stockholm really is a cosy dream. Not only is it beautiful but it has this unique feel to it. Most days mum and I would wander the streets for a few hours, pop into a cute looking cafe for a big ole mug of hot chocolate, and then head out again for more exploring.

I think the cosy feel of it comes down to the fact that it was winter so we could wander the cobble stoned streets in our copious layers of clothes and find sanctity in the various coffee shops. Stockholm is a very clean city and the people appear to be quite friendly. It is a Scandinavian country so it isn't exactly cheap but it's the type of place where you would rather wander the streets over shopping. If you do have the money it does have a gorgeous homeware selection so that would be worth checking out (I do love my homewares).

 I'd recommend going for just two to three days as it's more than enough time to check out the main attractions but also get a feel of the city by wandering through it's main streets and backstreets. Make sure to take a good amount of money so you're able to take solace in coffee shops when the cold gets a little too much. Overall it is a beautiful city which is worth the visit as it has a lot to offer.

Holly xx

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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! I've actually never been to Stockholm, even though I live right next to it - well, a couple of hours away as I live in Denmark, but that's nothing compared to Australia! I'd love to visit one day x

    - Anne | annesmiles

  2. Ooh, I've never heard of Stockholm but it looks like such a good place to visit! I've suddenly decided that I really want to go to Singapore one day... a bit out of the blue, but yeah, I wanna go there!
    Aleeha xXx