Why Bergen Should Be Added To Your Bucket List


Bergen gave me the chills, literally. As an Australian girl who left her 35 degree weather (ugh it was waaay too hot) for Europe's winter I was ecstatic. See: I like the cold. In the cold you can layer up and use the weather as an excuse to stop for coffee every 10 minutes or so. Except in Bergen you can't exactly stop for coffee often as it practically costs a kidney to buy, unless you want to consider taking out a second mortgage. I'm not complaining either - because I knew Norway was going to be expensive - and in my opinion it's an easy hurdle worth getting over as the city is magnificent. 

My mother and I flew from London to Bergen for 3 nights. It was a place we weren't originally planning on visiting on this Europe trip but a little nudging from my brother in-law made us decide we wanted to give it a visit. I'm super glad we did as it is a unique yet charismatic city with so much beauty. We stayed at the 'Grand Hotel Terminus' which was a beautiful hotel situated next to the train station and only a 10 minute walk from the docks.  Couldn't recommend this hotel enough. On arrival we got a room upgrade (score!) which was a spacious wooden floored room with a view of the snowy mountains surrounding. It was a dream. Also included was a buffet breakfast which was ace. (Top tip: when staying anywhere Scandinavian, lean towards the hotels with free breakfast and it could save you a lot of money in the long run). 

Day one: 
After hearing lots and lots about the Fjords tour we decided it was a must for our trip. It cost 450 kroner each (about $80 aud) for the 3 hour tour. It was completely worth it, you hop on and get to sit inside the toasty warm boat with prime views of the fjords. Everywhere was so photogenic! It was hard to take a bad photo.  Of course we visited the outside top deck where with a healthy chill factor in the wind, dropped the temperature into minus.  

After the Fjord tour we wandered around town and stumbled upon the Funicular which is basically a vertical train going up to Mount Floyen. We went up and were blown away by the views of Bergen. It was a city covered in snow. Once we reached the top of the mountain we realised we had struck gold and were in a winter wonderland. After a few hours wandering through the snowy mountain dodging skiers and children on toboggans, it started to snow down hard so we took it as our cue to head back down the mountain to the hotel, take off our soaked boots, and get cozy in for the night.

(fjords tour)
(Fjords tour) (side note: how dreamy would it be to have one of those houses as a holiday house?!)
(Up the top of mount floyen) 
(Up the top of mount floyen) 
Day two:
Sadly this day was very overcast and rainy so it drowned out our plans. We still tried to make the most of the day and wandered around the city, popping into department stores as we went. Bergen is one of those places that you can just wander around and feel content in doing so. The buildings are full of character, there are little children kitted out in ski jumpsuits, people burning candles on every table,  lamps in the windows, cobblestone streets and  icy pavements in which you have to carefully plan each step. Plus I got to make special mention to the fact that Bergen has a lotta dilfs (ha) roaming around pushing their kids in prams. 

We stopped in for a few hot chocolates and cinnamon rolls along the way and then headed back to the hotel in the evening to pack our bags and prepare ourselves for the travel to Oslo the next day.   
So basically I just adored Bergen. It was a little city full of a lot of character and beautiful sights. This is a place I'd definitely visit again and would recommend to all of my friends. For more convincing google image "Bergen" and the photos should be enough to convince you to pack your bags asap. 

Would love to know if anyone else has been here and loved it as much as I did. Will be posting quite a few travel-type posts over the next few weeks as I'm currently traveling around Europe (on the train to Stockholm as we speak). Hope the start of everyone's February has been swell :)

Holly xx 

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  1. Bergen looks so beautiful! Looking forward to your other travel posts! :)

    Renee | Lose the Road

  2. Loved this post so much. So so glad I found your blog!
    Love, Maddie. | Oh So Maddie

  3. Great recommendation, it looks amazing there and very peaceful - even though it's not a tropical place!x

    1. Definitely! It was such a peaceful place, i'd love just sitting in cafes drinking hot chocolates and watching it snow. So ideal. x

  4. Oh my gosh... wow it looks so snowy and pretty! It's cold in the UK, but it's not that snowy in the Winter! I definitely want to go to Norway now... and that's saying something because I'm all about the hot weather usually!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Haha it is super dreamy! Plus 'Frozen' is supposedly inspired by Bergen which is really cool x (