April Favourites


As April draws to a close I rounded up the products that I have reached for time and time again. This month was really focused on perfecting my base. After watching a few of Lisa Eldridges videos - who FYI is my fave youtuber of the moment - it inspired me to focus more on my base as she is the queen of making herself/others have flawless skin. 
 For the longlasting combo...
Rimmels "lasting finish" foundation and the Urban Decay "makeup setting spray" were the dream team. Being a nurse means that majority of my shifts are 8 hrs so therefore finding something that lasts all day is a struggle. These two together are incredible: my makeup lasts all day and hardly fades. This has become my go-to duo for days when I need my makeup to stay put.
 For the fresh face...
Lancomes "teint visionaire" foundation has made its way back into my daily routine again. I mentioned this foundation in My Beauty Essentials post back in 2014 and it has made its way back into my everyday stash. I tend not to wear this to work (as my rimmel one has better longevity) but I like to wear this for going shopping, catching up for coffee, running errands etc. It just gives me that flawless base which looks healthy and glowy.
 For the bronzed face..
This "Rachel & Ross Bronzer and Blush" by Too Faced is responsible for bringing some life back into my face. Somehow my face has paled out massively so i've been adding this to add a bit more colour. Very impressed with how nicely this goes on.

For the 'DAMN I'M SO LATE' saga..
NYX butter gloss is where it's at. (Colour is vanilla cream pie). This is permanently in my handbag now. Not really a lipgloss girl but this is barely sticky and gives a nice soft pink colour to my lips. Really want to go check out some more of the NYX glosses.
For the comfortable yet cool footwear..
New Balance sneakers are the bomb diggity. And I don't use the phrase "bomb diggity" lightly. I wear these usually with cropped/rolled up jeans and a loose t-shirt. I don't consider myself 'cool' in the slightest but when I pop these bad boys on I feel on-trend  which is a noice feeling.

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  1. Love your sneakers! I'm also a huge fan of the UD Setting Spray, and think it does such a great job at prolonging makeup. I'd love to try that Lancome foundation as well, it sounds lovely! Great favourites post!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Those shoes look super comfy! I need to get new ones for the gym myself.
    Happy beginning of May
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  3. I absolutely love the NYX butter glosses! I have 3 or 4 shades, I think, and there's always one in my bag!

    She Likes to Shop

  4. I love that the Too Faced Blush and Bronzer is called Ross and Rachel! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  5. I've made a note in my notebook to check out Lisa's channel, I'm always looking for new channels to subscribe to! I've wanted New Balance sneakers for SO long!
    Aleeha xXx

  6. love the nyx lippie! and the blush packaging is so pretty (:

    Life in Pastel