Little Life Update / A 21st Party, A Small MAC Haul & Duvet Days


Whenever I write a life update I can hear the mum off mean girls saying "sooo what's the 4-1-1, what has-everybody-been up to?!"


It's 12pm on a Monday and i'm lazing about because 1) i'm exhausted 2) i'm not in an 'assignment' mood and 3) IT'S A PUBLIC HOLIDAY. Really ecstatic that i'm currently in bed writing a blog post rather than being at work *happy dance*

On the weekend my two best friends and I drove down to Brisbane for our friends 21st - the theme was "i'm not supposed to be here". Kind of a genius theme if you ask me! I ended up going as "a girl who should be at her salsa class". Was originally thinking of going as a prisoner but then decided against it as it may be a little tricky to look chic as a prisoner. Was a great party though!

Because I knew I was going as a salsa dancer I knew I needed to have a red lipstick that was a classic red shade and longlasting. I nipped into mac and got a liquid lipstick in the shade "feels so grand" and while I was at it got the Fix+ too. Really didn't need the Fix+ but I got lost in the moment. Will swatch the lipstick in my upcoming updated mac lipstick collection post.

And finally *sighs* today is a duvet kinda day. It's finally getting a bit cooler so a cozy blanket is accompanying me allllll around the house. Watching tv on the couch? Blanket. Sitting on computer writing? Blanket. In the kitchen cooking? Wearing my Marks & Spencer cosy dressing gown. I bought my brothers some Harrods tea back from England and they've FINALLY cracked them open so i'm enjoying an earl grey (why do I sound like such a granny?!). Hey - a girls gotta have her down days every once in awhile ;)

So that's me all caught up. If you've gotten to the bottom of this then comment what you've been up to lately, always lovvve reading and replying. :)

Holly x

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  1. That party theme sounds like so much fun!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. Sounds like you had a great time at your friends party! I really want to try the fix plus, so many people talk about how versatile it is and I guess if it has loads of uses then... it's worth the money right?!
    Aleeha xXx