First Impressions: The April Bellabox


"Try your first Bellabox beauty subscription box for only $10!". *INSTANTLY CLICKS*.

On my way home from a mediocre day of placement (well, the day was alright but in the last few hours I somehow managed to get something in my eye which made it not only sting but leak fluid and go bloodshot red) I was looking forward to going home and seeing what was inside my Bellabox.

It cost me $12.95 ($10, plus $2.95 postage) which is pretty decent, but usually it's about $17.95 a month. Here's how it came and what was inside..

SO. It came with 5 items.


To be completely honest: I wasn't overly impressed by what was inside. It contained: a body scrub, a soap, nivea anti-wrinke pearls, a sukin hydrating masque, a rimmel mascara, and a tiny lotion.

For the $12.95 I think it was alright but if I had to pay the usual price of $17.95 I don't think I would have been so happy. Perhaps I got a bad month but there isn't anything in the box that I went "OOOH CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THAT". I don't think it was terrible and I will give all of the things a try but I wasn't ecstatic upon seeing what I got.

At this point I won't be getting another Bellabox but I would be tempted to try some other subscription boxes that are out there.

Are any of you signed up to subscription boxes? If so - which ones are the good ones? Would love to try some more.

Holly xx

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  1. I've been subscribed to Beauty Box 5 for the past year (this month was my last box) and honestly I was more disappointed with most of the boxes than I was satisfied! Subscription boxes can be so hit or miss!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. I am so over monthly beauty boxes, I feel they have had their day now! I don't mind the one off specials that some do as you usually get to see what's in them before hand.

    Honey Go-Lightly

    1. Agreed! Sadly, I made a rookie error, I assumed my box was a one off but no. I check my emails and see that my paypal was charged $17.95 for the next box. Definitely opting out! x

  3. I used to be subscribed to a beauty box but I only lasted two months. They are so hit and miss and more often than not fall into the 'miss' category. I would rather save my money and spend it on a product that I actually want x
    Louise |

  4. I've always wanted to subscribe to a monthly box... especially boxycharm or ipsy! I agree, I feel like none of those products have really blown me away. I feel like there are better monthly subscription boxes out there, but I guess this wasn't too bad!
    Aleeha xXx