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Today I am on a roll and I know it. I've caught up with a friend for an early coffee, gone for a 1 1/2 hour walk/jog by the beach, and i'm going to have this blog post done and posted by the time I go to work later. It's the little victories isn't it? 

Anyway I won't bore you with the rambling life updates, i'll save that for another post ;)
1. Marks & Spencer Shimmer Soft Dressing Gown
I follow a lot of UK bloggers so when I went on my trip to England in February I had this on my wishlist. It was AWFUL to bring home, it's so darn bulky. I had to put it in my carry on suitcase. Imagine the face on the guy at Dubai who had to open up my carry on for inspection..he couldn't hold back the laughter. Thankfully he said "Okay..yeah..seems like this would have been hard to't worry i'll let you go". It was completely worth bringing back because I wear this every single day. I haven't found a dressing gown cozier. It's sooo soft and lovely and cuddly. I would wear this everywhere if I could - would that be frowned upon in society?
2. Topshop Chelsea Boots
In winter all I wear is boots. Boots with jeans. Boots with tights. Boots with dresses. BOOTS WITH EVERYTHING. So I am glad I bought these on my last UK trip because I have been wearing these nonstop. If you're needing chelsea boots Topshop does some great ones!
3. Massimo Dutti sunglasses
I don't know what you've gathered from this blog and what your perception of me is but i'm not very cool. But these glasses? They are cool. So therefore glasses = me giving off the vibe that I am cool. They were a pretty penny but I am glad I finally invested in a nice pair.
4. Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck Enchanted' perfume
My signature perfume is "For Her" by Narciso Rodrigues but I can't wear it 24/7 because it's quite an expensive perfume. So I needed something simple for everyday and I ended up buying this. It's quite sweet but I really like it. It's just an easy no-fuss perfume to spray on days when i'm running out of the house. I wouldn't have paid the full price for it but for $17 on sale I can't complain.
5. Mac Viva Glam 2 lipstick
This is becoming my favourite lipstick - ever. It's the perfect nude and I can pair it with any make-up look. My idiot self always assumed this was a limited edition one but it isn't! So have no fear it's here to stay and definitely worth a try if you're after a nude.
6. Harry Potter
I've decided to re-read the Harry Potters! I've forgotten what a great read they are. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who hasn't read them, they're a very easy read.

7. Almost French by Sarah Turnbull
For my job (i'm an AIN) I sometimes have shifts at the hospital where I just need to literally watch a patient. Perhaps they have slight dementia and need someone there to tell them that they are unable to watch due to an injury. They are super easy shifts (sometimes) and are spent sitting in a chair doing nothing. So i've started bringing books in the read to pass the time. This was the latest one I read over two shifts. It's about an Australian girl who moves to Paris and lives with her French boyfriend. It details what it's like to live there and what the cultural differences are. It's based on a true story too! A very great read if you enjoy all things French. I liked it so much i've decided to learn French again :)
8. Exercise
Before you all slap me for being someone who is adding exercise into a "things i'm currently loving" I must say that it is something I haven't always loved! I downloaded an amazing app called Couch to 5k which is a running program where you start off easy and progress to lengthier jogs. I make banging playlists which spur me on. I'm as shocked as you all are that I now like exercising. I try and fit it in everyday now that I am on uni holidays. Will write a full review on the app Couch to 5k because as someone who used to HATE running it has made me love it - OHHH THE SHOCK haha.

So those are the things I have been loving! Hope you have all been well! Feel free to tell me what you've been loving too.

Holly x

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  1. I love those boots, they're absolutely gorgeous :D Now I feel like re-reading Harry Potter too :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. That Mac lipstick though!!!! Love this Holly, another fab post x

  3. Oh how I wish I could go on a run by the beach... unlucky me, there's isn't beach for miles near where I live!
    I love myself a pair of Chelsea boots!
    Aleeha xXx

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