Zara, Topshop & Uniqlo Haul

23:42:00 I hadn't purchased anything in months so I decided...I needed to treat myself? Honestly i'm just trying to justify spending a lotta money. It was all worth it though and I didn't have any post-buyers regret which is a sign that I was well and truly overdue for a shop up. One a Monday morning my mum and I set off for the city (which is about an hours drive away) and hit up the good ole favourites!

1. Lilac and Green flannel shirt from UNIQLO. $29.95
Don't quote me but I think flannels may have a comeback so I hopped on this bandwagon early just in case. Decided to go with this lilac and green one because it's a little different and will less likely cause the awkward "oh my gosh someone is wearing the same flannel as me" moment.
2. Zara black crop top - $25.95
3. Topshop blue Jamie Jeans - $95

Topshop jeans may be my favourite jeans ever? They're just super snug and fit well. Plus they lasted longer than BOTH my pairs of Dr. Denim jeans which are a lot more expensive.
4. Zara floral dress $69.95
...I tried (and failed) to get a nice photo with my dog but unfortunately he had very muddy paws! I think this will be a nice dress for the summer where I can dress it up or dress it down.

5. Zara dark coloured floral dress - $49.95
I think this dress will be great in winter teamed up with black tights, back boots, and a leather jacket. Really liked this one!

6. Zara midi-length dark floral dress - $69.95

 Went braless for this photo as I didn't want my bra showing BUT I have found strapless or the stick on bras work really well with it.
 Alsoooo tried it on with my leather jacket because I knew it would work well together. I actually like this outfit, it makes me look slightly cool? And I definitely wouldn't say i'm a very cool person or a cool dresser aha. But it gives off the illusion that i'm 'hip' so i'm just going to go with it.

7. Zara pale pink bomber jacket - $69.95
Sorry for the ever-so-stupid pose but I also purchased this bomber jacket. Super thin material (which would SUCK in winter) but it's one of those jackets which you can loosely throw over a pair of jeans or whatever. Actually only bought this because the mannequin was wearing the dress above with this and I went "YES, I NEED THAT TOO".

Soooo that's my lovely clothing haul! Can't wait to wear some of these pieces out and spring some more life into my wardrobe. I tried to link some of the items but unfortunately the Zara website was stuffing up and I couldn't find the items. :( 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Holly x

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  1. Great buys! I love flannel/anything plaid!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. I love the bomber jacket, I've been obsessed with them recently! I've actually never heard of uniqlo before!
    Aleeha xXx