The $2 eBay limecrime velvetine dupes you may need to check out..


 I love myself a good ole eBay dupe. Last month as I was doing a little scroll through eBay I saw that there were these limecrime velvetine dupes being sold for $2! Always being a sucker for cheap dupes I decided it was imperative I give these a try to determine if they are good enough to become my liquid lipstick staples. I bought them for $2.32 from here and it took about a month for them to arrive. I mean yeah, did suck how long they took to arrive BUT it was free shipping and I was in no rush. I got the colours: bleached, riot, shroom, and cashmere.
Upon arrival...
I was delighted to open up my package to see these four products! They looked identical to the real lime crime liquid lipsticks. All boxes were all intact except for Shroom which was a little battered, but hey ho nothing too horrible.

Upon swatching...
Was really happy how these swatched. Not only are the colours lovely but they dried very fast.
Upon applying...
All shades applied quite similarly, except for the lightest shade "bleached" which was a little more opaque and needed a few coats. The other three shades are highly pigmented and instantly gave a strong colour to the lips. They dried fully in about 20-30 seconds. Once dry it felt like I was wearing nothing on my lips! I was quite surprised because all my other liquid lipsticks feel slightly drying but these weren't at all.

The shades...(sorry for how terrible I applied them, my bad..aha)
How they wore and the longevity...
I found that there was an initial crumbling once the lipstick fully dried but it was an easy fix of sweeping the crumbles off. As I said before, the lipsticks feel so comfortable on the lips. They don't feel drying at all. The longevity was amazing until I decided to eat. Unfortunately it faded slightly in the center and I got that awkward line on the bottom lip where it faded. I guess it was an easy fix of just applying a bit more in the center but ideally I would rather it stay put when i'm eating and not fade. Besides the food factor I am pretty impressed with the longevity as it does last well for a $2 lipstick. Without eating i'd say these would last for a good 4-5 hours. I notice that when it does eventually start to fade it leaves the line on the outside of lips so I look like i've done a horrible job of pairing a dark lipliner with a light lipstick (ew). Anyways am impressed, it lasted well.

Would I wear it out...
I don't know. I definitely wouldn't feel confident wearing it to a dinner or lunch or anything involving food as I am not confident that it was last well. Perhaps shopping I could wear it? See I do really like these but I am just not 100% confident in their lasting power. So yeah i'd wear them to occasions that don't involve food but I probably wouldn't wear them if I needed a lipstick to last allll day.

Favourite one of the lot...
Riot! It applied so nicely and is such a beautiful colour. I found Shroom is a bit of an awkward brown/orange and Cashmere made me look borderline gothic. Bleached is also a nice pink but I prefer the way Riot applied and lasted.

Would I recommend them...
Honestly, why not! Yes! If you are someone who loves trying and testing products then absolutely. If you are someone who only likes to purchase high quality items then maybe i'd avoid this. But in my opinion they are only $2.30 each so it's a bit of fun to try out.

Rating: 3/5. 

Let me know if you're tempted to give them a purchase! Also would love to know some other eBay dupes you have purchased. I just bought some Kylie Lipkit dupes so i'll post a review of them once they arrive. 

Holly xx

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  1. Ooh I think my favourite shade is shroom! I would love to see a review on the Kylie lip kits dupe!
    Aleeha xXx