Self Tanners: The Good & The Ungodly Orange


I am a complete self-tan novice which makes me the best person to recommend products that I (an idiot) am able to use without turning orange. Last year in September I tried my hand at fake tanning and it went HORRID (you can read all about the saga here), It went so bad that only until a few months ago I have been brave enough to give it another go. Since then I have tried out a few different products and have finally found the one which is idiot-proof and gives a pristine "tan". Read on to hear about the ones you need to try and the ones you must avoid at all costs.

To Avoid At ALL Costs
"..oh but dove generally does good products..I surely can trust this product can't I?". NO. The answer is NO. This was the culprit of my ungodly orangeness which took days and days to scrub away (I literally tried everything google suggested - lemon juice, pumice stone, soaking in a bath etc). I put this all over my body, let it soak in, went to bed, and woke up SO orange. I didn't have that J-lo bronze glow, I had that "I drink 8 litres of carrot juice a day" glow. Aside from the colour, it was very streaky and patchy. Perhaps it was partially my fault for using a colour which is medium-dark skin when i'm quite pale..but in my opinion a self tanner should never leave you orange. 
So yeah, horrible fake tanner and I would only recommend to those who are auditioning for the role of an Oompa Loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

The One That Is Pretty Useless But May Be Handy Occasionally? 
 I'm a little on the fence with the one as you can probably tell by the heading. My sister gave me this one upon my return from England (THANKS CHLOE) and originally told me it was a gradual tanner. Well, she accidentally bought the one which is wash off rather than gradual but I decided to give it a go anyway. This applies really nicely and gives a beautiful bronze finish which isn't orange (hooray). It also doesn't have that foul fake tanner odour and smells quite pleasant. Unfortunately as soon as I jumped in the shower it allllll so easily washed off. I mean sure - it is a wash off - but I at least expected it to leave a little tan. So this leaves me with the question..where would you wear it? Because you couldn't wear it to the beach as it would instantly wash off in the ocean. You could potentially wear it on a night out but what if someone spills a drink on you and you're left with an awful dripping mark down your leg? What if it starts raining?? I feel like this tan, although how lovely it is, is a real liability and I would be too concerned of something happening and my legs being left noticeably patchy.

So I'd recommend this to those who are brave and aren't too worried about it washing off easily. Also to those who don't want to commitment of a long lasting tanner. But in my opinion I would much prefer a tan that is going to last!

The Easy-Peasy Tanner 
 SHOUT OUT TO THIS TAN. My sister recommended it to me and it lives up to the hype! This is basically an instant tan which you spray on and blend out. It does develop over a couple of hours and after about six hours i'll wash off the excess and am left with a subtle bronze tan. Before I used it I youtubed how to best apply it and Chloe Morello does an excellent video explaining how to use it and make it last 7+ days, watch it here. I like it because you can choose how much you want to add. It will go on quite light but you can also spray more to deepen it up.

Would recommend this to anymore who is new to tanning or has been scarred from a bad self-tanner *cough* Dove *cough*. I feel like it's definitely the most fool proof!

The Tanner That Will Turn You Into A Bronze Goddess
I only bought this tanner a few weeks ago as I had a wedding to attend, and even though my 'Le Tan in Le Can' (the product mentioned above) is beautiful I wanted to try a mousse as I hear only good things about them. At first when this is applied it gives only a verrry sheer colour. At first it was a little off-putting how pale the colour was. In my head I was like " says it's instant..shouldn't it be darker than this?!". I resisted the urge to add an obscene amount and thought it would be best to wait and see how it developed. After about six hours I showered washing off the excess. It definitely developed a LOT more from when I had originally applied it and I became a natural bronze colour - as if I had just holidayed in Greece and came back with a wicked tan. I have had this on for about a week and am still quite tan, but it is starting to fade in an un-patchy way. 

Would recommend this to anyone who is interested in trying a mousse which is easy to apply and will give a subtle beautiful tan. 

A rookie error I originally made when I first started tanning was that I used my hands *eep*. This then results in your hands turning orange and your tan not being smoothly applied. By using a tanning mitt it means that you won't have to deal with the horrid curse of fake-tan-hands and your tan will apply a lot more evenly with less streaks. I like this Le Tan one!

I hope anyone who is scared of self tanning feels a lot more braver reading this post! Am not sponsored by Le Tan in any way, I just like their products. I am no self-tan expert so if you need tips on how to best apply tanner then I would recommend hitting up YouTube because I found that very helpful.

Let me know what self tanners you are using! Am feeling a lot more brave to try out more.

Holly x

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  1. I think the 'easy peasy' tan is the one that sounds like the best one for me! I've never used fake tan before, but I've been thinking of trying one for quite a while now!
    Aleeha xXx